the Time when all the Russian YouTube community was divided into two camps, long past: gangs became more, and the business more profitable. Today, the vast Russian YouTube every little bit popular blogger has their own Agency. “the” have already told about the history of the first associations “Thanks, eve” and CarambaTV and begins a series of publications on contemporary agencies, which manage to promote a variety of bloggers.

Wildjam — advertising Agency and production center, which spetsializiruyutsya on the help. The team helps budding and established authors to find advertisers, and in return take a percentage of their income. Moreover, this percentage varies greatly depending on the degree of popularity of the blogger: the man with a million subscribers will give the company much less money as a percentage than a beginner.

This is because for the last Wildjam literally does all the dirty work: the writers, cameramen, editors and Smwiki are working tirelessly to produce a new star videoblogging. The man only has to stand in front of a camera and read a prepared text. However, now with the development of unknown people company is much less: mostly, the ball is ruled by the already known personality.

Today in the “asset” of the company about 70 blogs of various kinds. The number of subscribers on all channels is also different: from 130 thousand to 4.5 million.

Do bloggers from Wildjam sometimes referred to as the company creative Union. However, they rarely advertise their involvement in the project: authors of popular movies meet periodically for common actions and campaigns on TV, and in other cases restricted to mention of mail Wildjam for promotional offers.

Businessman Yaroslav Andreev earned the first money in the favorite online games: he sold earned currency in Lineage and Warcraft for real money. Things were going well, and eventually he opened the Internet-shop “Elf-merchant”.

After that, Andreev decided to make his project a little advertising contract with Denis Kolesnikov with the voice of the Studio “Courage Bombay”, which was engaged in a pirate voice popular sitcom “How I met your mother” and “big Bang Theory”. Kolesnikov liked to do this job, but the lack of sponsors oppressed, which in the series with his voice temporarily stopped. Then the entrepreneur found contact the Studio and invited the actor to pay for his work, instead of Kolesnikov was one time for a series to Express “special thanks to Elf-merchant”.

Andreev said that sponsored a voice not only for the sake of advertising, but also because he really liked American sitcoms. “I helped for myself, I like their show, it was kind of cool… Initially I had a task — to watch the show, and he [Kolesnikova] task was to do what he loves. Positive selfishness,” said entrepreneur in an interview. Later, the Elf-trader brought a promising actor voicing with other sponsors.

at the end of zero, the businessman realized that just developing in Russia, the category of video blogging can also bring a good profit. So he decided to pull off the same scheme as with the Studio “Courage Bombay”. To start Andreev bought equipment Maxim +100500 Golopolosova and asked him to thank the Elf merchant in their commercials. Later the owner quite often produced individual projects CarambaTV, however, never went into details what exactly was his job.

“Special thanks to Elf-trader for filming this video!”

in Addition CarambaTV, Andreev met one of the leaders of the competing platforms, “Thank you, Eva” Ruslan Usachev. The businessman produced his editions quite popular show “Time to go”, inviting in the project a major advertiser. Also the Elf-merchant took an active part in the development of the group Little Big that is today known even abroad (by the way, in the first videos he even starred in a clown suit).

“of Course, was Max +100500, “Thank you, Eva,” CarambaTV, they are and will be. Their success will lead to the emergence of a second wave of popularity of this format. And here is a huge opportunity! It’s better than television. Channels fight for ratings, as at a time you can watch one show. But the help to compete is not necessary — they may be at least 100, at least 1000, and they can be very popular, because nothing prevents you to look at one blogger, then another, then a third, etc.” — said Andreev in 2013. Apparently, he had already thought about a full-fledged work with the authors of the rollers.

However, Andreev repeatedly mentioned that he did not have a share in videobloggers projects. So in 2014 he decided to fix it: the entrepreneur invested in Abrikos Media — production center of his friends, well-known bloggers Bones Pavlov and max Brandt of channel LizzzTV. Today he is listed there as the CEO and founder.

Around the same time the Elf merchant was invited to work in “Vkontakte”. He accepted the offer, but two years later resigned from the post of Director for work with partners. According to him, the blogger market was growing very quickly, so the “entrepreneurial spirit has pushed to make the decision to leave “Vkontakte””. In addition, bloggers were offended that Andreev had paid them too little time and attention.

in 2016, the businessman realized that one of the production center to work with bloggers is not enough, so, along with Pavlov and Brandt, they decided to create a holding company called Wildjam, composed Abrikos Media, advertising Agency and full videoproduction.

the founder of the channel LizzzTV Kostya Pavlov started upload videos on YouTube in 2010. 23-year-old blogger planned to recruit the audience in several ways: first, he recorded the likeness of the show “+100500”, but took the rollers solely about sports. Needless to say that copying max golopolosov, and even non-branded Mat is not particularly liked users. Secondly, Pavlov did parodies of commercials, filmed a show “Interesting facts” and even dabbled in sketches and pranks. However, none of these formats have lasted longer than a few months: people are reluctant to subscribe to the channel a novice blogger.

the Situation changed with the arrival on the channel of max Brandt, who also was desperately trying to find a suitable layout for the blog on YouTube. Bloggers got in touch and found out that they both live in the small town of Leninsk-Kuznetsky in the Kemerovo region. The young people decided to meet in real life and shoot something together: they were hoping to gain view, literally doubling our efforts.

Actually, it just happened. Pavlov and Brandt came up with the idea to create a show “Call” — the transfer, the rules of which they had to perform tasks of subscribers. However, viewers have been enough to say “Jump off the roof”: they had first to perform the trick themselves and record the whole process on camera mounting without gluing. To warm up interest of people, bloggers promised to give the authors call a thousand rubles in case if you can’t repeat the job on the video.

Despite the simplicity of the concept and a large field for deception, bloggers lost their first challenge: the subscriber is then invited them to pierce the palm of the medical needle. However, the show immediately liked the audience, and the canal immediately ran to the crowd of students who wanted to earn a thousand.

Pavlov and Brandt initially selected an interesting and varied job. Then they had to eat 25 spicy chicken wings, fire to hand of fuel to fly a hang glider. Sometimes the intrigue remained until the last moment: it was difficult to guess if you can find guys with the next challenge or give money to the subscribers. Often, the newcomers had to risk his health to win. But the show was still several years in an unchanged format, it is easy to guess that the enthusiasm of bloggers are not gone. Instead of diverse jobs, young people increasingly chose the lightest calls for the performance of which didn’t even have to leave the house.

In 2012, the channel LizzzTV there was one more show of “Scientific noobs”, the name of which is almost completely reflects the essence. Young people found online in many chemical experiments, and then tried to repeat them in your kitchen or on the street. By the way, about half the clips, the guys frankly do not understand why their experiment failed. In the comments they were called idiots and bloggers just like a title transfer and was not particularly offended.

the Present popularity to the authors of the rollers came a year later, when Brandt and Paul teamed up with his buddies Elijah Strekalovsky and Valentin Fokin channel “vJOBыватели”. Bloggers have recorded some semblance of the old show “Call”, only now they have decided to compete among themselves, not with followers. At the end of several rounds, the winners received five thousand rubles, and the losing team was left with nothing.

Despite the meager even for that time the prize, the guys fought for the money to the last: they ate hair from the Barber shop, glued to each other with glue and even hung their bodies on plunging in the back hooks. However, real fans of Pavlova and Brandt’s best remembered the final of the second season, when intrepid bloggers literally tore ass to the blood, rolling on the asphalt with no pants. This case the young people I remember still, four years later. However, after some time they quarreled with Fokine and Strekalovsky for money, so place “vJOBывателей” was taken by other bloggers, and later, the show finally closed.

Today, Pavlov and Brandt not actually making the content for LizzzTV: they have a couple of years hyping up private channels. The first removes the endless unpacking gifts and Chinese goods, and Brandt calls herself a “food blogger” and making videos about the delivery of food. Along with this they run their own production center Abrikos Media.

the path to the popularity of the main Ghostbusters was pretty quick, but it is very ornate. The first video on his channel — a report from the food festival “Around the world” — appeared in July 2014. No hint of ghosts in the video, but there is a feeling that the project is purely advertising (quality production shows that shooting saw a whole team of professionals).

In the following videos appear several more leading, which together with Maslennikov periodically sent out to various events and advertise expensive hookah in Moscow. Well, then the creators of the channel went on the standard scheme for a set of subscribers: they started to remove the check hacking, challenges and other attributes of a platform for preschoolers.

At the end of the 2015 blogger finally figured out which way to move on. He took “the mystical” movie about an abandoned military base: Maslennikov wanted to check whether found it to be haunted. For this, he hung the cameras and went to brave night journey through the deserted complex.

When viewing the resulting video it creates a feeling that Maslennikov shot a cheap horror movie for 16 minutes. He even used the same: scary music, which becomes louder when the potential danger, the constant screamers and strange sounds from the neighboring rooms — blogger forced followers to believe that his side always run some kind of entity. Moreover, he held mystical ceremonies to detect supernatural forces.

oddly enough, Internet-style series of programs on the TV-3, something caught YouTube users. In reviews people wrote that were shaking from fear while I was watching the adventures of Maslennikov. Many of them also believed that you hear in the movie strange voices or see strange things. So, the first episode of the show “Ghost Hunter” got more than two million hits, defining a further vector of development of the channel in the coming years. Related hacking and other such “setting” of the content of mystical blogger not abandoned.

Perhaps the choice of direction Maslennikov helped Yaroslav Andreev. In one interview he told that the Agency Wildjam began to cooperate with the blogger when he was only 8 thousand subscribers. Today the channel is watched by over three million people, and this number is constantly growing.

Funny, but even ultra-high performance was hurt Maslennikov to sell advertising on the rollers with abandoned buildings: as said Andreev in 2017, advertisers such content was clearly not for everyone. Therefore, the Elf-trader had led the blogger to speak to Andrei Malakhov and look for ghosts in the Studio program. Apparently, the plan worked: now the advertising is in almost every movie.

Nikolay Sobolev is one of the most controversial and discussed figures from the team Wildjam today. Some viewers called him a hero, others just a populist and a liar. Nevertheless, over a short period of time he managed to break into the top twenty most popular bloggers on the Russian YouTube.

Internet Sobolev’s career began with channel Rakamakafo, where he, along with his friend Guram Narmania filmed a variety of pranks, which sometimes got on the head from unsuspecting passers-by. From the first video, the young men offered to people on the street group sex or depicted in a fight, and then watched the reaction of passers-by. Then the rollers became much tougher once bloggers staged a kidnapping on the street, and then ended up in police custody almost the entire day. However, it was at hand: people started to subscribe.

two years Later, the friends began to throw main channel: sometimes the rollers came out once a month, and then their production was suspended. Apparently, the media are tired of doing the same thing and decided to pursue solo projects. Nikolay Sobolev, for example, started channel with news of the Russian segment of YouTube and its inhabitants. However, this concept he followed only the beginning.

In the first roller Sobolev did discuss Iwanga, compared Pasha Mikus and Roma Acorn, constantly curse Dmitry Larin. Subscribers didn’t grow up too fast, but the turning point happened. In February 2017, the blogger removed video based investigations “the New newspaper” about children’s suicide game “the Blue whale”. Sobolev for 12 minutes was told about the mythical horrors of the Internet and the groups of “death” by intimidating students and their parents. Video shot and scored over 12 million views and the channel has signed up tens of thousands of new viewers.

Another sharp jolt provoked a March on the transfer of Andrei Malakhov. The presenter invited Sobolev to discuss on “Let them talk” Diana Shurygina, which has accused several young men of rape. The blogger was actively arguing with the victim and protected the abuser that found a huge number of adherents among TV viewers. Thanks to this edition of the program tuned the young man began to follow several hundred thousand people, and its channel quickly crossed the mark of two million subscribers.

After the Sobolev immediately realized that he needed to discuss sensitive social themes, so the news about YouTube faded into the background. Instead, the page started appearing in videos with provocative titles “Parents kill children?”, “Navalny rallies across the country” or “the Mercedes hit people.”

For similar issues blogger colleagues on the shop floor began to call him “Hypogeum”. Like, Sobolev records videos only on the hottest topics, analyses them and transmits to the subscribers, the most obvious and populist thought. Indeed, the main message is almost always the most simple: killing is bad, zhivoderstvo — it’s cruel, a fire in a shopping centre — it’s awful. In addition, Sobolev constantly contradicted himself in his own video first awful comments about “Let them talk” and on television in General, and then went on the program several times in a row.

the Last straw for many was the scandal with the lighting of a fire in Kemerovo. The fact that the blogger is very often accused media in the publication of unverified information, and then the day of the tragedy released with doubtful data on the number of victims, though several times noted about a dubious source of information.

same Sobolev Himself admits that trying to earn the maximum possible number of subscribers. “Well, everyone, absolutely everyone are trying to gather as many views. To collect views is generally as the work of bloggers” — said he in one of his videos. And it is quite possible that even after the scandalous video about the fire in the “Winter cherry” it was signed by about one hundred thousand people.

Most interesting is that the audience believe Sobolev, even after his obvious lies. In early June, blogger faked the attack, and was gone for a few days and then told about the “social experiment” on the media, which began to publish news about his beating. Despite the rather stupid prank, along with hundreds of thousands of dislikes allowed for video blogger for two days received tens of thousands of new subscribers to the channel.

Perhaps the most versatile and active blogger can rightly be called Eleanor Elli Di Dondukovo. First, it releases absolutely everything he can to produce a modern blogger: pranks, sketches, travel vlogs, shopping, challenges, unboxing and reviews. And this is not a complete list. The girl is already 10 channels with music, letsplay and videos about animals. So blogger likes to mess with animals that it literally causes their clock to open the jaws to the songs Yegor creed — the attitude to Pets is clearly bordered by zhivoderstvo.

the Naked eye can see that all the channels Dondukovo designed for an audience of preschoolers or first graders. However, when viewed is still not the feeling of shame: it is very strange to observe of behaviour of a 26-year-old married girl with two higher educations, which builds houses out of cling film and a high-pitched voice of my rabbits. At the same time on its main channel over the two years was signed by more than three million people.

the Blogger with two million subscribers Dmitry Gordey started YouTube-activity in 2012, posting videos about Cycling: he showed tricks on a BMX and told me how to choose a good vehicle.

Video about the bikes came out a few years, however, towards the beginning of 2017, the focus of the channel went smoothly on automotive topics. However, began to grow the number of subscribers: only in may for channel Gordei were sure about 150 thousand new viewers. So today blogger shoots video of drifting, drag racing and tuning cars, and are often removed together with colleagues on the subject.

Also among the most popular representatives Wildjam noted guys channel ChebuRussiaTV, which today signed more than 2.5 million people. Early in his career, the guys were shooting a scandalous prank: pretend to be wheelchair and tried to meet girls, allegedly stole money from the homeless, people coated with chocolate paste in public toilets. However, in 2015 the reputation of the culprit very spoiled blogger Afonya TV, which accused them in staged videos.

After that, the channel CheburussiaTV for a long time mired in formal replies and dislike, but the culprit in time to found Western format, which is cleverly adapted for the Russian realities. Guys hid in major hypermarkets on the whole night, simultaneously recording the event on camera. These videos brought bloggers at least several hundred thousand new subscribers.

in addition, among the famous blogs in Wildjam is possible to mark music channel 55X55, a vlog fitness instructor Alex carpenter and the page artist label Black Star Claudia Coca.