Sluggish end

the Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region began to bankrupt RIA “Panda” company, selling millions of Russians dream of eternal youth, male sexuality and love the beauties: drugs “Sealeks and Alikaps”. Daring and memorable advertising campaign, a huge production, leadership in the market of dietary supplements and the subsequent rapid decline — in a material “”.

About 25 years ago, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer developed a drug that reduces blood pressure. In the clinical trials of a new drug showed unexpected side effect. The English miners, who have experienced a new drug praised him very much their personal life has greatly improved and filled with new sensations. It turned out that working scientists do cause significant blood flow, but is not limited to cardiac muscle, as expected. At Pfizer quickly realized that I had stumbled on a gold mine: March 27, 1998, the Office of sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA approved the use of the drug to increase potency and treatment of erectile dysfunction under the name Viagra.

the Novelty caused a sensation in medicine and human consciousness. The invention of the miracle pills, improve sexual life of many men, compared with the discovery of antibiotics, aspirin and hormonal contraceptives. For the development of the medicinal formula of Viagra American scientists Robert Furchgott, Louis Ignarro and Ferid Murad were awarded the Nobel prize. Just coming on the market, the blue pill became a bestseller and a true legend of the pharmaceutical market. Most popular “viagra” to provide high efficiency and safety. Millions of men around the world over the years bought billions of blue pills and Pfizer get rich on the weakness of the stronger sex.

want to earn in a new reality, where male consumers are willing to spend huge amounts of money at solving the problems with potency, increased. After the “Viagra” the market is flooded with cheap alternatives, just rude imitations and fakes that promise to regain a lost manhood. If the products Pfizer is a drug a prescription drug, side effects which is described in detail, the analogues producers have tried to present your product directly to the afflicted, avoiding medical and legal restrictions — in other words, to sell without a prescription. A great way to do this was the release of funds “for youth” in the form of biologically active additives (dietary Supplements). In 2000-ies of the market in Russia grew by leaps and bounds. according of branch Agency DSM Group, in 2008 sales of dietary Supplements in monetary terms increased by one third.

Active seller of means to increase potency in Russia there were advertising and information Agency (RIA) “Panda”. The company was founded in 1996 by a military historian Igor Sparrow in Saint-Petersburg and originally had no relation to the pharmaceutical industry. But by mid-2010 years “Panda” took the lead in the industry and firmly occupied the second place among Russian manufacturers of all supplements. Although the company’s portfolio included hundreds of names, is the drugs to improve potency “Sealeks and Alikaps”, positioned as dietary Supplements, provided more than 40 percent of the revenue of the company.

to Sell Supplements without a powerful advertising campaign almost impossible: doctors supplements not prescribed because the law does not have that right. So advertising, primarily on television, is the main marketing tool when promoting dietary Supplements. Manufacturers of dietary supplements do not skimp, and no football or hockey game on television until mid-2010 was not without provocative and memorable ads of the pills for potency. The face of “Alikaps” became the singer Sergei Shnurov. Bada is the leader of group “Leningrad” as a “brutal male” was shown on TV dozens of times a day. For selling himself as the alpha male Cords received 150-200 thousand dollars.

in Parallel with the “Alikadam” RIA “Panda” promoted “Sealeks”. The advertising campaign of this drug was based around an elderly man-Walker who travels the world looking for a booty call lady from another country, humiliating them real husbands: “Sealeks?! Here was this Russian!” — in impotent rage screaming victims the anti-heroes. “Men’s ad audience during a performance of the national team at the world Cup in 2014, amounted to at least seven million people”, — told the President of RIA Panda Dmitry dergachov. The video went the target audience in the bull’s-eye.

a Highly successful advertising campaign lifted sales of “domestic viagra” to the heavens: according DSM Group, in 2010, RIA “Panda” increased sales by 1.5 times and climbed from fifth to third in the ranking of the largest Russian manufacturers of dietary Supplements. Sale “Alikaps” in the year increased almost two times, “Sealeks Forte” — more than half. Year by year, the company increased the separation from competitors. In 2013, sales of “Panda” has increased by a third, and again it was due to preparations for men. Sales “Sealeks Forte” in monetary terms amounted to 1.36 billion rubles (plus 27 per cent by the end of 2012), “Alikaps” — 917 million rubles (plus 41 percent).

In 2013, the Russian government has tightened combat unfair advertising on television, resulting in airtime from the Russian manufacturer of analogue of Viagra has dropped significantly. But this attention is not given: sales, along with revenues have continued to grow. In 2014, “Sealeks Forte” confidently took the first place among the brands of dietary supplements, its sales grew 20 percent to 1.62 billion rubles, “Alikaps” — 17 percent, to one billion rubles.

Inspired by the success of RIA “Panda” is actively invested in expanding production. In 2015, the company completed the construction of the plant in Leningrad region with a capacity of one billion tablets and capsules per year. “We’re probably the only company that has grown in 2015 in our market in our segment. All the others showed rollback”, — said the President of “Panda” Dergachev. The company’s profit in 2015 amounted to 500 million rubles, the turnover in 2014 amounted to 4.7 billion rubles, and in 2015 — already 5.3 billion.

January 2015 in force the law on combating trafficking in counterfeit medicines, medical products and dietary Supplements. The document was introduced into legal practice, the term “falsified biologically active supplements containing prohibited components.” Translated into normal language — the preparations which are intentionally added banned for use in the Russian Badakhshan components. Liability for producers and distributors of counterfeit tightened and were installed in a fine of up to 5 million rubles, or imprisonment up to 12 years.

For the hype of dietary Supplements finally drew the attention of the deputies of the State Duma, which, as you know, rarely ends well. “Only begins the anthem of Russia, suddenly the screen POPs up the Terminator and offers me to buy some pills,” annoyed state Duma Deputy Igor Zotov. For dietary supplements, “eliminating erectile dysfunction,” has fallen on hard times.

With real problems “Panda” faced in 2016: the parties “Celexa and Alikaps” found the counterfeit tablets contained not declared when registering a substance tadalafil. This chemical compound created by American companies Eli Lilly and Icos and is a major component of the drug Cialis. Tadalafil relaxes smooth muscle cells and increase blood flow in the reproductive organs. The drugs based on tadalafil have side effects and contraindications in Russia to release them without a prescription, and therefore is a violation of the law.

In may 2016 CPS annulled certificate of state registration “Alikaps” and “Sealeks Forte.” Supplements began to withdraw from pharmacies, their ads disappeared from television. In an effort to keep market share, “Panda” has released similar products “Sealeks Forte Plus” and “Plus Alikaps” that the ban did not apply. However, in 2016, sales of supplements dropped by half to 2.3 billion rubles, and the company fell from second to third place in the ranking of the largest sellers of dietary Supplements.

However, sales collapsed all manufacturers of dietary supplements: a negative impact on sales dynamics was rendered by the economic crisis — the level of solvency of the population has decreased significantly. The consumption and demand for supplements are very dependent on advertising and the correct perception of the product by the buyer. “Packaging and advertising of dietary SUPPLEMENTS, in accordance with regulatory requirements, have become impersonal, and the information in them is kept to such a minimum that the consumer is not always clear why he should buy this product” — noted in the analysis of the market by DSM Group for the year 2016.

a shot sounded in July 2017: the Investigative Committee opened in relation to “RIA Panda” a case of tax evasion 144 million rubles and searched. Federal tax service has applied for recognition of the company bankrupt, the amount of the claim amounted to more than two billion rubles.

By the spring of this year “Panda” received about 30 claims from creditors. From January 2017 to January 2018, the company fell from the fourth to tenth place in the ranking of the largest sellers of dietary Supplements in Russia. In 2017 against the company, according to SPARK, was filed more than 20 lawsuits of non-compliance in the amount of 100 thousand to 56 million rubles. Once the main agent of peace in the Russian market of nutritional Supplements is retired and likely will not return.