Stop Russian world!

Another escalation in the Donbass threatens to escalate into a protracted campaign. According to the armed forces of the DNI and LC, the Ukrainian side carries out a regrouping of forces and tightens reserves, obviously preparing for another attack. Fighting traditionally involves the conflict zone of new volunteers, including foreign. One of the leaders in the supply of fighters at the same time and for the new Russia, and Ukraine, Belarus has become. And it happened long before the recent events in the area of Gorlovka. Why Belarusians go to war and what they are fighting on opposite sides of the front, found out “the”.

Belarusians were involved in the Ukrainian events even before the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass. One of the first “Maidan martyrs” killed during the coup in Kiev, was a native of Gomel Mikhail Zhiznevsky, decree Petro Poroshenko he was posthumously awarded the title “Hero of Ukraine”. About Ziznevska little is known: the native of Gomel, he left in 2005 and since then had been missing.

As it turned out, he went to Ukraine, where he joined the UNA-UNSO, and in 2013, regularly appeared in the Kiev Maidan, where untimely rested from a sniper’s bullet. Such foreign players as Zhiznevsky, on the Maidan there were many. Belarusian nationalists took an active part in the events of Kiev, and the white-red-white flags appeared in different places and with surprising regularity. But really, the massive influx of Belarusian volunteers began in the spring of 2014, when the South-East the war began.

the Exact number of Belarusians fighting on both sides of the Ukrainian conflict, is still unknown. If in December 2015 Belarusian head interior Ministry Igor Shunevich said that there is about a hundred citizens of Belarus, in March of this year, the head of the Main Department for combating organized crime and corruption Holopic of the interior Ministry of Belarus Nikolai Karpenko announced that for involvement in mercenary activities are checked 734 Belarusian, and identity 188 of them, according to him, already installed. Today we know enough of the facts of participation of Belarusian citizens in the war in the Donbass, and almost all of them relate to those who fought and continue to fight on the side of Ukraine in the ranks of the APU and dobrobatov (the volunteer battalions).

basically, the motivation of these volunteers is the desire to fight with the Russian aggression. Because if you do not stop Russian world on the distant approaches — in Ukraine, Moscow will sooner or later win and Belarus. “If the Horde don’t get too tough here in the Donbass, it will go further and Belarus, I am absolutely convinced, will be swallowed as the Crimea, for a few days,” said the militants “Right sector” Eduard Lobau, part-time co-Chairman of the Belarusian nationalist organization “Young front” in Minsk degolasse t-shirt with the words “Muscovites on knives”.

More recently, it was impossible to imagine that any significant number of Belarusians will perceive Russia as the enemy. It is known that the Ukrainian nationalists took an active part in the hostilities in Chechnya on the side of the militants. But the Belarusians that war was not involved — at least, in droves. However, for twenty years, without the involvement of the state propaganda in Belarus there is a generation, some representatives of which see the essence of life in the struggle with the Russian world and the Russian threat. And with the weapon in his hands.

for the sake of Justice it is worth noting that the Belarusians fighting on the side of the DNI/LC, still more than in the ranks of the APU. And attempts to create in Ukraine a separate unit consisting entirely of the Belarusian nationalists, is still not crowned with success: the tactical group “Belarus”, about which so fond of saying nationalist media, was originally part of the “Right sector”, and then other dobrobatov simply because it failed to recruit enough fighters to create a separate entity.

nevertheless, The Belarusian radicals fighting on the side of Ukraine, in terms of media more active and visible than their compatriots in the armed forces DNI/LC. The reason is simple enough. On the one hand, and those and others fear problems with the Belarusian justice, whose representatives have repeatedly stated that they will continue with the same rigor to pursue both the first and the second. But many Belarusians serving in the armed forces and the dobrobatami, going to Ukraine, not going to return home, so bravely tell about their ideals and fight for them, posing with red and white flags and chevrons with the emblem of the Belarusian people’s Republic, focusing on their Belarusian.

Many of them get famous because of the scandals — as, for example, a native of Brest, Daniel Lyashuk, who during his not very long life had time to visit a neo-Nazi-pagan, the football bully, rap artist and radical anti-fascist, ideological after search came to radical Islam. The result Lyashuk took the name Daniyal al-Takbir and under the Callsign “Mujahideen” entered into the infamous volunteer unit “Tornado”, famous for punitive operations in the Donbass, robbery and looting.

At some time of the crime, “Tornado” was the final straw for the Ukrainian justice, are usually extremely loyal to the “antics” of volunteers: the entire leadership of the controversial unit, headed by criminal authority Ruslan Onishchenko named Abelas was behind bars. Was convicted and Lyashuk, having spoken in a courtroom fiery speech about Jihad, which he declared Russia in response to its actions in Chechnya.

Another example is the former intelligence chief of the battalion “Azov” Sergey Korotkov (Malyuta). In the past the Belarusian member of spetsnaz, Nazi beliefs, not so long ago collaborated closely with the famous Russian Nazi showman Maxim Martsinkevich (Saber). If now many Belarusian radicals who went to Ukraine to fight against “Russian aggression,” face enormous challenges trying to obtain citizenship of the new country, the Short received a Ukrainian passport in person from the hands of Peter Poroshenko and by the way, good money on their service: in the tax Declaration, he noted income in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, recently purchased an apartment in Kiev, half of another apartment and even a private jet.

In contrast, a Belarusian volunteers of the DND and LNR at the end of the fighting want to go home, and many have already returned, so they do not glow in the media, and the interviews are handed out rarely, and often on condition of anonymity. Most media Belarusian fighter of Novorossia — sniper Natalia Krasovskaya, who fought back during the defense of Slavyansk. Her current fate and whereabouts are not known — perhaps she died.

But, more importantly, the Belarusian soldiers in the units of new Russia is far less noticeable than their countrymen from the APU, simply because they do not “Shine” their national identity: they have no special attributes, their individual banners. Moreover, many of them prefer to wear your stripes with the Russian tricolor, not with the Belarusian red-green national flag.

the fact that the identity of these people is due to its belonging to the Russian world — as well as Russian volunteers and natives of Donbass, and those who came to fight for LDNR from Central and Western Ukraine. Other Belarusians for them — not only countrymen, but countrymen, so they tend not to unite on a national basis. Because of this, the casual observer might get the impression that the natives of Belarus in the war fighting mostly on the side of Ukraine.

Alexander Lukashenko and high-ranking Belarusian officials have repeatedly stated that it will strictly pursue the same as countrymen, went in LNR/DNR and fighters dobrobatov. In practice, it turns out interesting. The fact that Belarusians are fighting for Ukraine, not formally fall under the scope of article 133 of the criminal code “Mercenarism”, since it accused only to the persons involved “in armed conflicts in the territory of a foreign state” and thus “are not members of the armed forces of the belligerents and acting in order to obtain material compensation”.

A Belarusian volunteers in the ranks of the APU just be part of the armed forces — in contrast to the Belarusian supporters of the new Russia, as the official Minsk does not recognize the DNI and LC. So, for example, the detainee in 2015 in Minsk militants “Right sector” Taras Avatarov are not judged for participating in the hostilities, and for the smuggling of weapons and “volunteers”, “Azov” neo-Nazi Stanislav Goncharov nicknamed the Terror-machine remembered only attack in teenagers anti-fascists committed before the war in the Donbass.

But the Belarusian militia of new Russia local justice belongs in a completely different way. In September 2017 in Vitebsk was condemned by the DNR fought for a citizen of Belarus Alexey Ershov, received two years of restriction of freedom for part 1 of article 361-3 of the criminal code “Participation in an armed formation one of the warring parties on the territory of a foreign state without authorisation of the state and in the absence of signs of mercenarism”. Receipt of remuneration could not be proven. Ershov became the first in the modern history of Belarusians who have received a conviction for participation in hostilities abroad.

two months later, according to the same article in Gomel was convicted resident of the city of Rechitsa Vitaly Mitrofanov. And in December of the same year fought in the Cossack regiment LC Belarusian Vitaly Kotlobay already received real prison term — he was sentenced to two years in prison. In may 2018, two years received Belarusian Pavel Arut, accused that “conducted shelling of positions of Armed forces of Ukraine with the use assigned to it as military weapons, was eliminated in the composition based on the line of demarcation of the warring parties to adjust and fire on the enemy positions, fired on the positions”.

And there is no doubt that the repressions against the Belarusian fighters of LNR/DNR will continue: statements by the representatives of official Minsk are talking about this more than intelligibly. “Enough traitors everywhere, exalted personalities who are looking for some happiness outside of our state,” — described who had gone to fight on the side of the republics of Donbass, the Minister of internal Affairs of Belarus Igor Shunevich. Who was betrayed these individuals, Shunevich said.

“the Militants, who are fighting against the Ukrainians, it is necessary to destroy” — said in 2014 Alexander Lukashenko. He spoke sincerely, for the defeat of Ukraine and the collapse of its statehood is regarded by the Belarusian leader as the greatest threat to the entire post-Soviet world order, in which Lukashenko almost a quarter of a century, retains a de facto autocratic power.

Therefore, those who are fighting against the Ukrainian state, will always be regarded Minsk regime as enemies. The pour oil on the fire of opposition media, depicting the fighters of the Ukrainian dobrobatov as ideological fighters against Imperial aggression of Russia, and the Belarusian militia — like alcoholics, misfits and criminals, warring, of course, solely for the sake of money.

anyway, the results of the cultural policy of the Belarusian authorities aimed at the legalization and cultivation of nationalism, not long to wait. In Belarus there has been people willing to take up arms and go overseas to “stop Russian world on the distant approaches”. And there is no doubt that if current trends in state ideology, their number will only grow.