Took the ice cream

Cristiano Ronaldo there is a real chance not just to miss the world Cup in Russia. Before five-time winner of the Golden ball looms the prospect to receive information about the events at the world Cup behind bars. “the” — accumulated tax problems for the Portuguese.

it is Hard to imagine a world championship without Ronaldo, who is perceived not just as a virtuoso trick, a ruthless goalscorer and a very indiscreet in the assessment of their virtues the player. Cristiano is one of the coolest brands in world football, not only its current version, but more than a century the history of the most popular on the planet of ball game.

Without his brand of stubbornness, the captain would not have reached, perhaps, a quarter of those tops that included them in the list of conquered. But sometimes this same stubbornness puts the leader of the Madrid real Madrid on the edge of the abyss.

and now Cristiano is preparing for the world Cup, at the risk of being not a party to it, and the audience, and contemplating the main football event of four years on TV not in his comfortable dwelling, and in a prison cell. Head over Cristiano entered the sword of Damocles Spanish tax service, which, as it turns out, neither a big name nor powerful patrons, nor the world glory.

Only money can save the “giant football thoughts” — the money it owes to the Spanish budget and does not want to give.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not like the others and have always tried to emphasize the difference. Mostly game and goals, but if someone does not catch up to such occasionally had to voice: “I am handsome, rich and a great player. All the others are jealous of me!”

Gradually, the confidence turned into overconfidence, resulting in the above catch phrase was added to the word “smart” on a subconscious level into a “most intelligent”. Smarter state fiscal service, which seems to count other people’s money knows better than anyone else, but from time to time is not shining on its outstanding capabilities.

Cristiano in Spain was not the first who decided to “sell face” — that is, to obtain remuneration for the use of their image in advertising, promotions and other things. And not the first one who was inclined to believe that the store earned offshore is not only safer but also far more rewarding. But until recently, Portuguese was the only one of those who contacted the “tax haven” — paraíso fiscal (as in the Iberian Kingdom call site with a minimized level of taxation — ed. “Of the”) and not suffered from any problems.

Against the Spanish tax authorities by offshore companies is twofold. On the one hand they never tire of repeating that “to move funds through paraíso fiscal means significantly nedogruza the state budget mandatory deductions”. On the other — acknowledge that the registration of companies in offshore zones does not go (at least for now) beyond the boundaries of the law of the Kingdom.

With all this by departing from taxation firms approach the Spanish sneaks are still different. Companies, really leading of business (manufacturing, trading or banking), spoke in the wheel pose. It is because the whole of Spain is well-known that 33 of the 35 largest firms in the country, are the founders and main figures of the stock exchange of the Kingdom, have an extensive network of offshore company. Accept perfectly legal “daughters”. Leader in terms of offshore “children” is the largest private Bank Santander (72 firms). Second place is a powerful construction Corporation ACS (71). Included in the three of leaders Bank BBVA far behind the competition (43) and reaching the fourth oil company REPSOL (42). “The rating of the offshore company,” is almost identical with the list in which Spanish companies can be positioned according to the degree of impact on the economy of the country.

Enterprises that have recorded overseas athletes are recognized as structures of the Spanish Finance “instrumental,” that is, servants of the one purpose — the concealment of income from taxation. Naturally, to deal with such firms is the bounden duty of sneaks.

Hunting for stars money unfolded slowly: it was necessary to give the “hog” to save up Zhirkov, and even upon reaching the “commodity weight” and to knock it off. The first “shots” produced by the Spanish tax authorities by the stars of a relatively small scale, was the sighting. Under the hot hand of the fighters for filling the budget have got players from which you can make an entire decent team: Iker Casillas, Alexis Sanchez, Radamel Falcao, Luka Modric, Xabi Alonso, Marcelo Vieira, Ricardo Carvalho. And coach them to identify the infamous Jose Mourinho. All members of this “football club of delinquent taxes” owed to the Spanish Treasury of up to two million euros each. Which were reimbursed, virtually without controversy with minfinovskih structure. And rightly so — a more expensive conflict with tax authorities.

has Not been configured was long butting, arguing that “not turning aside, not checked and not brought abroad”, and the star of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi, but it just didn’t. First, because the amount of Argentine was the more serious — more than 4 million. And secondly (this, however, is convinced the Catalan press is stronger than the media the rest of Spain), there has not been without behind-the-scenes game guide enemies of the people of Barcelona from real Madrid.

When it Messi seemed to be headed down a familiar path to a peaceful finale with the payment of a striker underpaid (plus a fine), in stepped the Mar Silva Lapuerta involved in litigation as a lawyer with the state. Paradoxically, the fact: the Prosecutor has requested that case Messi from the criminal field to the administrative and punish the player “money” (in the sense that the Euro, of course). And the defendant demanded a verdict with the penalty of imprisonment.

the Catalan media instantly sought out photos Lapuerta communicating with the real Madrid President Florentino Perez, and remembered that March in the first coming of Florentino in the office of the “cream” served at the club one of the Directors. The nature of malignancy other attorney, thus, were journalists installed, and the image of Perez a few spoiled. Although this episode he survived without any alarms.

Finally came the turn and up to the largest production — Ronaldo, which tax specialists have counted illegal in the offshore company (according to the press) EUR 150 million. Evidence, however, the keepers of financial discipline managed to collect a much smaller amount, but it proves the size of arrears was impressive — 14.7 million. And if for Xabi Alonso, whose shortfall was $ 3 million, the Prosecutor requests five years in prison, one can imagine what will happen to Ronaldo.

the Portuguese among athletes accused of Spanish tax authorities in compliance with financial laws, was the only one who decided to go to the end, proving his innocence.

Few of the anonymous experts, talking to newspaper correspondents, doubts that Ronaldo felt strong because I felt the shoulder of Peres. Functionary, as did the scorer “creamy”, was to take all the necessary measures behind the scenes to whitewash the image of your pet. Florentino, among other things, not just the head of the Spanish record-breakers. He is also a permanent member of the top ten Spanish billionaires, and also the President and main shareholder of the very ACS that was mentioned above. So the level of capability of the main “realistic” you can imagine.

But the trick is that the businessmen, Pets not happen. There are figures that bring them success and the planned income. Cristiano, who in the beginning of the proceedings against him, was the 33rd year, has ceased to be a Queen Perez. Aging stars of the first magnitude — the same material used as the stars of second and third order. And Ronaldo also offered to repay its debt to the Treasury at the expense of the club. That was, it seems, the straw that broke the patience of the leadership of real Madrid.

Cristiano, unexpectedly, was one on one with justice. Of course, with the support of a team of lawyers who offered him not to feel superior, smarter and smarter than other players who fell under the press of the tax. And repeat them the way of repentance and retribution money for the error.

With the September hearings, the Portuguese left bewildered, but not lost faith that “OK, let me lose money, but not spoil the biography of a criminal penalty”. However, the timing of financial decisions the issue had already passed: you can pay off only up to the time of the hearing. Under investigation.

But, no! In March this year, Cristiano has sent in the resignation of all its not coped with the task of lawyers. And after the meeting, on 23 March, all witnesses appearing at his side suddenly moved to the other side, hired for the position of negotiator Jose Antonio Chiclana, former master of the National court, known for his ability to bring disputing parties to a common denominator.

But then the miracle did not happen.

Perhaps, just yet. Cristiano Ronaldo is still not an ordinary citizen. Football brand. A considerable part of world football history. And face needed starting in June the world Cup. Prior to which the Portuguese blood from his nose wants to close the issue and forget it as a nightmare. The date of the final hearing has not yet been determined. According to some Newspapers (unofficial, of course), the last court hearing could take place in early June. That it had made a sentence with the words “to assign as punishment … years of imprisonment” Cristiano is ready for anything. This is the “everything” according to estimates of different experts may vary in the range of 30 to 35 million euros. Experts from El Mundo, “the tax authorities will be able to prove non-payment of a maximum of 12 million, and the penalty in this case will be 24”. I must say — godly. By law, the penalty can exceed the amount of the arrears four times. But the main thing here — not money. And not even their number. And the fact that the repayment of debt and payment of compensation can allow Cristiano to avoid imprisonment.

the Spanish newspaper, spreading in the beginning of this week’s the news, claimed that “the customer is ripe” and “ready to pay almost any amount.” Prior to the weekend it became clear that this is not so. Toad Cristiano still choking, and he, according to El Mundo, offers to pay into the Treasury only the amount he counted 14 million debt and to part with the tax authorities. However, the publication has no doubt that tax specialists do not agree with this proposal — why make the exception from which the other deviators will then try to make a rule? Moreover, in Spain the government constantly repeats the slogan “tax — is all of us”, referring to the country’s population. So the last sentence Ronaldo is very much like playing with fire.

of course There is the option of a change of venue for “after the world Cup”. In theory, Yes. But almost… To football for the captain of the Portuguese national team when in his mind will have a thought that in Spain he expects the sky in a large cage?