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In the world are sounding the alarm: porn ruined the life of modern people! Children are pornoramam before going to high school, husbands abandon wives for the girls of model appearance to a screen, sexual violence increases, the number of perverts is increasing rapidly. Frightening research results on these topics are published with an enviable rate, social activists demand to ban “adult only” websites. In response, the authorities of some countries impose severe restrictions on the Internet. But it scared porn, as it seems to most, and whether or erotic movies irrevocably damage the psyche? Why “hard” films are leading the traffic to specialized sites and can porn become a teacher of morals? “the Tape.ru” turned to contemporary scientific works and found that almost all the fears and unfounded rumors.

Recently, the researchers of the organization Culture Reframed shocked the international community report about the spread of paranormalnye among children. CEO Gail Dines gave interviews with rhetoric: a content “for adults” are able to completely destroy human sexuality, and stamps, which he distributes, distort reality forever.

the study quoted frightening data: for the first time children are introduced to the Internet’s total smut content in 11 years, and at the age of 14 most teenagers are regular visitors of the respective sites. Through the screens of the computers they see objectified women, men, like animals, their exaggerated emotions and irresistible desire for copulation. For opinion specialists, all this leads not only to depression and impotence in real life, but also to an increase in sexual crimes.

Sociologists have for several years advocated the introduction of the age qualification for erotic sites. In some countries these initiatives have been adopted: for example, in April in the UK entered due to the Statute of limitations in the network. Now to gain access to some sites (including with the Internet’s total smut content) will have to create a personal account in the national system AgeChecked. For this everyone needs to go through the bureaucratic procedure in the local post office and provide your documents and credit card information. Only then the state will unlock for you a number of portals. This tightening of legislation is dictated by the concern of local authorities about health and morality of the nation.

However, the General hysteria may be in vain. Research magazine The Journal of Sex Research dedicated to violence pornorolikov, completely debunks all the arguments of officials and public men. According to recent reports, the notorious trends to “gestures” there is no: almost nobody is interested in sexual aggression and misogyny. On the contrary, the audience interaction that is required between partners and women’s pleasure.

the New works question the idea that the content of porn becomes worse and worse. The theory of the blunting of the senses and the transition over time from “soft” to “hard” content is unproven, scientists have found. Their attention was attracted by the early research aggression porn. Sources cited fantastically different data: the proportion of violence was assessed from 2 to 90 percent. Such differences could not cause issues. It turned out that the logic of most papers relied on the shaky and uncertain terminology harm and malice.

the Idea that users lose sensitivity to traditional genres and are looking for more perverted, demonizes the producers of porn. After all, if the audience is no longer interested in certain content, producers and Directors are forced to follow their wishes. Thus, the sites should be filled with violence, humiliation and other “hardcore”.

Scientists decided to prove or disprove two interrelated hypotheses. First: the proportion of aggressive video content grows, the second — the audience prefer it to all other genres. For the study was chosen 269 random commercials on the website PornHub uploaded in the last 10 years. This streaming service is the largest, with 80 million daily visitors and 36th in the world in popularity in 2017. The sample included as frequently viewed video, and not in great demand among the audience.

the specialists have used several definitions of aggression and degrees of its manifestation, including visible, verbal, non-verbal and non-consensual (forced). Careful study showed that the currently visible aggression is present only in 35% of the videos and in recent years the share of such rollers does not exceed half of the total website content. Such content took a picture of physical action with the clear intention to hurt: kicks, bites, abuse, coercion.

as with other types of aggression, including acts of violence in modern porn films with their share tends to zero. Statistics show a decline of this component from 10-15 percent in 2014-2015 to less than 3 percent in 2016. none of the aggression or violence showed a rising trend. Even in the “rough” commercials, the time spent on the demonstration of suppression and anger has decreased significantly.

the Researchers noticed that the less strict was not only the content but also its presentation: aggression leaves dialogues of the actors and even the titles of the rollers. Appeared that in recent years, the greatest interest among the audience caused the rollers, in which women showed pleasure (moans, screams, cheers replica). Obviously, to assess the real emotions of the actress, the scientists were not able, however, Express approval of the heroines is also an important component.

Perhaps the researchers would come to different results, if directly studied certain categories of pornorolikov involving violent or sadomasochistic practices. But, according to experts, such a sample would be unrepresentative: these films have different audiences. They are specially made compilations of most viewed videos or to select a random record in order to adequately evaluate their actual contents.

However, sometimes imaginary ideas that appear because of the abundance of porn in the network, are common. Two years ago, Americans were worried about the problem of sex education with video clips and find out that unprotected contacts on the screen lead to the rejection of condoms in real life.

Employee Center for sexual health under the auspices PornHub Lori Betito sure, despite the “adult” orientation of the Internet’s total smut content, it often becomes a kind of textbook for children. “It’s amazing how few educational elements there are and how often people turn to pornography to get any knowledge in this area,” she said. Her words are confirmed by the results of the study in 2016 in which participants sought to secure contacts, when I watched the commercials, where the actors used barrier contraceptives.

at the same time the local government of the state of California, scared the HIV outbreak in the porn industry, suggested bill requiring all the industry to use condoms in their videos and to Finance the development of a vaccine against this virus. For violation of the expected large fines. However, the document not passed the vote (54% opposed).

Workers of the porn industry assure that the rollers have nothing to do with real life. “Condoms are not suitable for filming, because porn is not sex for couples and sets of equipment, lighting, and intense investment of time and effort,” says Director and producer Liara Roux. According to her, the endless replacement of protection equipment during eight hours of filming a 15-minute video, will only complicate the work.

Dr. Benito supports this view: “You don’t look “fast and furious” to learn how to drive,” she notes, adding that depicted in commercials acts nothing like the sex lives of ordinary people. It’s more of a show.

the Supernatural should not be expected from real porn actors: all the speculation about what the heroine of the movies in his private life, act out scenes or use additional toys, groundless. Even the popular ideas of the tenths that women connect their lives with the sex industry due to internal problems or a bad childhood, broken on research. A group of scientists-psychologists from the University of North Texas proved the lack of any connection to childhood injuries with the choice of profession. They came to a straightforward conclusion: actors are just like what they are doing, nothing more. However, and in this way has its costs.

the Debate on sexual inequality, pornography has a long history. And if the issue of consumption of “hard” content now seems to be allowed, then the process sometimes requires not only physical endurance. Last year on the wave of sex scandals in Hollywood (in particular, with the participation of producer Harvey Weinstein), a number of Actresses in the erotic genre talking about similar problems in their work.

Revealed that women depicting fun on the screen, often not prepared for the fact that they offer Directors and producers. The industry is full of hype and innuendo: often girls accept a certain scenario, but later, in the recording process, they demand more. Young and inexperienced actress lost — and agree in fear of being fined or losing a job. “It was a really brutal scene. I was not prepared for such rudeness,” recalls his first experience of filming Miriam weeks.

Later, the victim, unable to cope with internal conflict and wishing that they were forced to make for a spectacular scene, you begin to seek solace in alcohol and drugs. After a while these are squeezed out of the profession by the new generation of “frames”. “People in the porn industry just stiff, unresponsive to real life, walking like zombies,” says Jessica Juwel, explaining that this cycle of abuse is impossible to break. Production constantly requires something “special”, and the inner struggle and moral principles of the actors they are not disturbed.

of Course, not all actors relate to such problems, but such cases are not uncommon. Violence face even the stars of the porn industry. A few years ago, Jessica Stoyadynovych, known under the pseudonym Standing, he said in his Twitter account that her ex-boyfriend DMAs Dean, is also working in films for adults, forced her to have sex against their will. According to her, he raped her as a feminist.

for a Long time the society had become accustomed to the phenomenon of pornography. Had great difficulty to accept the fact that this phenomenon was considered normal. Judging by the results of scientific research, ethical people even manage to consume such content. Probably a new step should be a correct attitude towards the industry and calm reaction to the profession.