Afraid for Ukrainian gay MEP’ve unraveled on behalf of Poroshenko

Deputy of the European Parliament Rebecca harms, who asked of the President of Ukraine Petro Porosheko to deal with the rights of the LGBT community, said that he intends to soon submit a law. She announced this to journalists in Kyiv after the “March of equality”, in which took part, reports “Strenia”.

“this morning I got a call from Bankova street (the street where is located administration of the President — ed. “the”), and President Poroshenko has informed me that he will not only support the March with state institutions, but also going to submit the draft law on equal rights next week,” said the MEP.

Councilman harms Maxim Eristavi said that the representatives of the Poroshenko talked about his legislative initiative, which will bring the system of protection of the rights of the LGBT community in Ukraine to European standards.

However, the administration of President “Interfax-Ukraine” he said that harms no one called and this topic shouldn’t be discussed. “High probability that it just played,” said there.

In early June on the website harms published a letter to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Cabinet Ministers and deputies Verkhovna Rada with the call to go “equality March” in Kiev. The deputies regretted that Ukraine ceased to work on legislative ensuring the rights of LGBT minorities, and pointed out that the country has recorded numerous crimes of hate.