Armenian taxi drivers blocked the main Avenue of Yerevan and wanted justice

In Yerevan several groups hold a protest. On Wednesday, may 16, the correspondent of “the”.

To the residence of the Prime Minister on Baghramyan Avenue left the staff of military commissariats, dissatisfied future reform of the entire system of military conscription in the country. According to the developed Ministry of defence the reform, the territorial military registration and enlistment offices will be disbanded, and in each of the ten Marzes of Armenia will remain one Commissariat — this will result in reductions of employees and difficulties in the organization of military conscription.

adjacent to Baghramyan Avenue and Arshakunyats Avenue the campaign supporters group “Sasna tsrer”, the members of which in 2016 have seized a police station in Yerevan, demanding the resignation of the then President Serzh Sargsyan. The members of the group is court — released on Arshakunyats Avenue will require that you change the measure of restraint in respect of “Sasna tsrer”.

voenkomatom supporters of the “Sasna tsrer” was joined by a group of taxi drivers-private traders. They need to create equal conditions of competition between them and taxi services, most of all, they are dissatisfied with the service gg (Armenian Uber analog). Protesters unhappy with the cost of the license for the taxi driver-a private trader, as well as the fact that drivers gg such resolution are necessary. In addition, taxi drivers are asked to cancel the late fees nonpayment of license, “unreasonable Parking fines and traffic violations”. To achieve this, the protesters blocked Baghramyan Avenue, where in addition to the Prime Minister’s residence is also located the building of the Armenian Parliament, constitutional court and other state institutions.