Belarusian Russian truck went to Lithuania with a radioactive cargo

the Inspectors of the border guard service of Lithuania was not allowed into the country a truck with Russian numbers, which went from Belarus and transported radioactive building material. On Sunday, April 1, according to RIA Novosti.

“the Guards on Saturday night was not allowed in Lithuania Volvo tractor with semi-trailer Schmitz with Russian numbers with a load of used construction material, the level of radiation which is 7.5 times higher than the acceptable norm”, — stated in the message.

the Breach was discovered when the truck drove through the gate mounted on the gearbox for the measurement of ionizing radiation, where, and recorded the excess of the permissible limits. It is noted that the truck driver was the citizen of Belarus. His papers were in order.

“When re-measuring the background radiation of the goods was established that ionizing radiation of building materials equal to 1.5 microsieverts/hour. Acceptable background is 0.2 microsieverts/hour. The guards revealed the source of radiation is an isotope of radium-226”, — notes the Agency.