Crew arrested in Ukraine the Crimean ship again allowed in Russia

the Crew of the arrested in Ukraine, the Russian fishing vessel “Nord” was not able to get to the Crimea. About it RIA Novosti said the representative of the shipowner — Kerch Fishing kolkhoz imeni 1 Maya Anna shevelyova.

on the night of Monday the team was trying to get to Crimea through the Ukrainian checkpoint “Chongar”. “Crossing the border overnight, unfortunately, did not happen. Legal support starts to prepare for future work. The guys are all healthy soon expect from them, video news,” — said Shevelev.

the assistant to the head of the state border service Oleg Slobodyan said the TV channel “112 Ukraine” that the crew was not with him the documents which certify their identity and which would be lawfully issued. “Citizens of Ukraine do not have any identity documents. Those documents that were issued by the occupation authorities in Crimea are illegal. With regard to the documents that certify them Ukrainian citizenship, they were not with him” — he said. The official stressed that in the case that team members will provide legal from the point of view of Kiev the documents, they will not have obstacles to cross admingranitsy.

Slobodian assured that the guards were not detained and did not restrict the actions of the crew members, because they did not have grounds for this. “The guards immediately explained the legal requirements for the admission of citizens of Ukraine through admingranitsu on the temporarily occupied territory of the Peninsula. I understand that representatives of the diplomatic corps who make decisions in this situation in Russia, decided not to waste time, well, useless conversation, because I realized that travel to the Peninsula they will not work. They turned around and went somewhere into the territory of Ukraine”, — he added.

a Previous attempt to leave the territory of Ukraine crew of the ship “Nord” taken on Sunday night. They tried to enter Russia through the Kharkiv region, but the guards refused to let them out of the country as they tried to leave Ukraine for improper documents. According to Ukrainian border guards, passengers instead of passports issued certificate of return to Russia. “To take the team outside of Ukraine trying representatives of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation under the guise of its immunity”, — said the Agency. For trying violations of the state border in respect of the ship’s crew were drawn up administrative protocols. On the same day the Ukrainian government Dali guarantee that the members of the crew of the Russian vessel “Nord” will be able to leave the country through the border with Crimea.

Fishing boat “Nord”, flying under Russian flag detained in sea of Azov at the end of March. The ship was at a port in the Crimea, which Ukraine considers its territory. More weeks the team spent on the ship. To leave the boat they were forbidden, holding a security.