Crimean children were accused of working for the FSB

Crimea had become “the zone of continuous militarization”, where military training attract even children. With such statement in interview to “Observer” was delivered by the permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea (reception is located in Kiev) Boris Babin.

“Ukrainian citizens living in Crimea today are intimidated, forced, forced to contract service in the armed forces of the Russian Federation and in other formations”, — he told.

According to the permanent representative, on the Peninsula there is a system of raising children in paramilitary structures in kindergarten. “There is no moral nor the age for involving children in military training. In most cases it is mandatory or voluntary and forced, and the desire of the child here means little. If they will Dodge, then you simply will not be allowed to study in school, and parents will be a huge problem with the Russian security services,” said Babin.

“In Northern Crimea, where the Russians hold units of their own border [FSB], in each locality create camps to help to Russian border guards that they were looking for Ukrainian violators that they believe the state border”, — said the permanent representative of Poroshenko.

in addition, Babin said about the recruiting commissions “that work in every village where there is a so-called military”. “Produced on the Peninsula, the soldiers sent to Russia in those areas where there are conflicts not only in Eastern Ukraine but also in Syria,” — he stressed.