Estonia has arrested a Russian vessel

At the Estonian port of Paljassaare arrested by the Russian ferry “Petersburg”, owned by “Blacksea ferry and Investments”. About the Agency “Sputnik Estonia” said the captain of a vessel Nikolay Shashkov.

According to him, the ship is arrested for the debts of the Riga ship supplier. In the Estonian port of Petersburg has arrived for repairs that have not started.

Debts of the ship supplier Riga amount to 350 thousand euros, and about 2 million rubles”, Blacksea ferry and Investments” should the ferry crew — 12 people. It is noted that this is not the final amount of the debt, because it will also increase the requirements of the Estonian port. Are growing and wages of sailors who do not receive money for months.

At the Estonian port of ferry cut off electricity due to unpaid debts, marine fuels have enough sailors for a few days, but then they were left completely without electricity. The supply was restored only after the owner has repaid part of the debt.

money from the sailors, “Petersburg” has ended, so leave the port of them is meaningless. On 15 June they have to change the other crew. The company that owns the ferry, to comment on the situation refused. The crew had to turn for help to the Russian Embassy in Estonia, the staff found that the arrest of the vessel was imposed on April 26. “We explained to the captain that, if necessary, and the Embassy is ready to render necessary assistance in solving emerging issues,” — said the Russian Ambassador in Tallinn Aleksandr Petrov.