Estonian municipality adopted a flag with the image of cannabis

Estonian Kanepi municipality approved a cannabis leaf as a symbol of the city and the image on the flag. It is reported Reuters.

the need to select the new symbol of the municipality came after several formerly independent areas became part of the larger Kanepi. The choice of the new symbol took place at the end of the open online voting. Residents can choose from several options, and a flag with a cannabis leaf have received the most votes. The new symbol of the city is a silver marijuana leaf on a green shield.

the opinions of the members of the city Council was divided almost equally. Nine municipal Council members supported the new flag and symbol, eight opposed.

Kanepi Municipality is located in South-East Estonia. Its name comes from the Estonian word for hemp. Since the XIX century this area was advanced industrial Konopiste and the production of textiles, and hemp oil from this plant.