Georgian shepherd killed seven Americans

law Enforcement bodies of Georgia have detained 19-the summer young man, a suspect in the murder of three natives of the United States, residing in the country. On Monday, July 9, said the head of the main Department of criminal police of interior Ministry Georgia Mamuka Chelidze, reports “Interfax”.

“the Investigation has established that on 4 July on the territory of one of the waterfalls in the gorge of Khada in the result of mutual altercation, the suspect shot from a hunting rifle fatally wounded the victim and his son, and his wife fell while trying to escape in the gorge and died. The detainee left the murdered man on the scene, and the child’s body was hidden in an avalanche,” — said Chelidze.

last week in the emergency service of Georgia received a message about the disappearance of the American family of three, a few years living in Georgia. July 6 in the village Zveri were found car and personal belongings missing. Later that same day, three kilometers from discovered the car was found the body of 43-year-old Laura Smith, on Saturday, rescuers found the corpse of her husband 44-year-old Ryan Smith.

the Search for their four year old son lasted a few days. On the spot where the corpse of the child, said the alleged killer himself.

In his testimony, shepherd claims to have conducted a family of Americans to the waterfall, where the family was taking pictures. There was a conflict, a woman slipped, but the shepherd saved her from falling. This is what caused the irritation of the head of the family — he and 19-year-old boys, a dispute arose, which turned into a quarrel, in which shepherd killed 44-year-old man. Then the young man dealt with began to cry as a child and tried to escape, the woman fell off a cliff. Trying to cover up the crime, the shepherd’s buried child.