In Kiev again estimated losses from the Crimean bridge

Ukraine is losing tens of millions of hryvnias due to the construction by Russia of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. In an interview with “Radio Liberty” the Minister said the country’s infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

“We lose a lot of money because of the restrictions on the parameters of the courts, which now cannot pass under the arches of the bridge. Now this is a modest assessment — tens of millions of hryvnia, but I think it’s much more because we’re losing jobs,” said the Minister.

Also Omeljan said that thus Russia “especially warms the difficult social situation in Mariupol and Berdyansk”. “Kerch bridge will be used as a political instrument of pressure on Ukraine”, — he added.

According to him, now the Ministry of infrastructure and the Ministry of justice of Ukraine jointly preparing international lawsuits against Russia over the “illegal construction of the bridge.” “I believe that the recovery will be. Reparations will be serious. I believe that this will be a bridge that will connect Crimea with the Ukrainian Kuban”, — concluded the Omelyan.