In the list “Estonian Russophobes” not proved to be Russophobes

In the list of Estonian citizens accused Moscow of Russophobia and deprived of opportunities to visit Russia, there was not one person who spoke publicly hostile rhetoric against Russia. On Thursday, June 7, according to the newspaper Postimees.

As noted in the list of persons who, as it became known on June 6, denied entry to Russia, no high-ranking officials, deputies of the Parliament of Estonia.

in the list of the 20 people featured journalist — correspondent for Postimees Einar Ruussaar. “One reason for [listing] may be the fact that I was one of the founders and ideologists of the independent Russian-language channel ETV+ (launched in 2015, the state-owned Estonian television channel aimed at Russian — speaking audience – ed. “the”),” — suggested Ruussaar.

“Another possible reason — I just moved from Georgia and Azerbaijan, where he was interviewing the President of Georgia [Giorgi Margvelashvili] opposition of Azerbaijan and other people who talked about the fact that Russia is interested in destabilizing the situation in neighboring countries”, — the journalist added.

Other names that fall in the stop-list, the material is not given, but Estonian officials familiar with the list, reported Postimees about your loss. “The list was made according to two principles. First, you need to make a list, then had someone make. Here are just caught up in it people difficult to attribute to the Russophobes, as stated in foreign Minister. None of them differed hostile statements towards Russia”, — told the newspaper one of the officials.

on June 6, Deputy Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Artem Kozhin reported that Moscow banned entry to Russia to Estonian citizens convicted of Russophobic statements. Specific names in the statement were not given, but indicated that such actions Russia has gone after the ban on entry into Estonia of citizens of the Russian Federation from the so-called Magnitsky list.

Estonia has adopted the analogue of the “law of Magnitsky” in December of 2016. It allows you to prohibit entry to foreigners who have, according to the authorities of Estonia, in respect of offences which relate to human rights, corruption or money laundering. 29 March 2018 Tallinn denied entry into the country 49 the Russians.