In the United States said about the problem of neo-Nazi terror in Ukraine

Analyst of the American center of the Atlantic Council pointed to the problem of violence by far-right groups in Ukraine. His research on website the centre has published Josh Cohen, a former employee of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID), who led the projects of economic reforms in the countries of the former USSR.

Cohen notes that in Ukraine there are a number of right-wing organizations: the banned in Russia “Right sector”, “Azov” and related “National team”, S14, “Carpathian Sich” and others.

He says that since the start of 2018, these right-wing organizations have repeatedly raided the camp of the Gypsies, attacked the anti-fascist demonstration, rushed on the meetings of city councils, attacked the gay pride parade. In most cases, the police did not intervene.

Cohen also notes that the Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine is funding the neo-Nazi C14 group. In particular, on 8 June, the Agency has allocated the organization of 17 thousands of dollars (over 1 million rubles — approx. “the”) for children’s camps in the framework of “national projects of Patriotic education”.

the Ministry has allocated money “Educational Assembly Holosievo.” Cohen notes that both these organizations are far right. The founders of both is Eugene Karas. In an interview on 15 November 2017, he admitted that his fighters beating people up on a tip security Service of Ukraine.

It warns that the loss of the government monopoly on violence can have catastrophic consequences for Ukrainian society and statehood. According to Cohen, if Kiev will continue to close eyes to the crimes of right-wing, he also risks losing support from the West.