In Ukraine closed the case against the son of the Minister of internal Affairs

a Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) of Ukraine closed the case on the supply of backpacks for interior Ministry against the son of interior Minister Arsen Avakov Alexander. This was reported on the page of the office Facebook.

“the Investigation found that there were facts of the tender certain in advance the winner and delivery of low-quality backpacks, but the lack of evidence of awareness Sergey Chebotar (former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs, Prim. “the”) and Alexander Avakov about improper quality of backpacks eliminates their attraction to criminal responsibility”, — explained in Prosecutor.

All the blame on himself took the third suspect in the case, Volodymyr Lytvyn. His firm, according to investigators, winning the tender, produced poor-quality backpacks with fake documents has put them MIA. According to prosecutors, other suspects to this had no relationship and about the fact of delivery of poor quality of backpacks is not known.

the head of the SAP Nazar Golodnitsky was surprised at this decision of their subordinates. “I’m about this decision only learned yesterday (July 11 — ed. “Of the”) in the evening. Now understand,” he said in comments, “Ukrainian truth”. According to him, to close the case against Minister’s son and former Deputy Minister decided the head of a group of prosecutors in the case.

“Now, my indignation at the workers answer that can be perceived as pressure. The NAB (National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine — ed. “Of the”) would like independent prosecutors — received”, — said the head of SAP.