Lithuanian fornication

After Ukrainian and Belarusian construction workers, drivers and plumbers workforce deserted after joining the European Union Lithuania joined the foreign prostitutes. The girls of easy virtue and low social responsibility, who came from neighboring republics of the former Soviet Union, argue that the Baltic States excellent conditions for work. Incomes here are higher, the penalties are lower and customers are more decent. In addition, the history of Vilnius is inextricably linked to this ancient but still sought after profession. “the” figured out how visiting prostitutes return to the capital of Lithuania to its former glory fun place.

After the state officially became in 2004 part of the EU and the Western border of the fell, a local girl rushed to Old Europe with its high standard of living. In his time in the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania was made by the chief detective of the London police Richard Martin. He announced that, for example, in the London district of SOHO most of prostitutes from Lithuania. The second largest was moths from Kosovo, and only the third — the Brits. Rumor has it, even the now deceased Boris Berezovsky rendered sexual services of a minor girl from Lithuania. It is not surprising that the Lithuanian market of sexual services has created a vacuum that started to fill in the citizen of those countries that European Union not happy.

So, the Lithuanian police revealed details of the RAID, during which detained two prostitutes from Belarus seeking customers through ads in Newspapers. 29-year-old Diana (she prefers to be called) is worked in a well furnished apartment and took 100 euros per hour (the average price on the market). “It seems that Diana once had to do with the bikers, she themed tattoos — told police INIS, Gurevicius. She says she came to Vilnius for a few weeks, then will return to Belarus and back again. Some prostitutes when the police rush into hysterics, begin to scream. Diana is calm and polite: “I am adequate,” she says”.

a Second prostitute, a 33-year-old Vick, was detained immediately after it left the client, goodbye, and left the girl a bouquet of flowers. “Asked her not to hurt clients. In response, she nodded at the flowers, saying that it was a gift from pleased men, I always work on conscience, — shared, Gurevicius. And it seems to be true. At least Vika was so preoccupied with work that he didn’t notice, esemes message from Diana: “Cops””. Vika said that the home worked as a Director of the restaurant, getting 600 euros a month. How much does she earn in Vilnius, she did not elaborate, but judging by her attitude to customers, shortage of them Victoria is not experiencing.

most of the girls work individually, but those had no foreign experience, using the services of pimps. Recently the Lithuanian police arrested in Vilnius spouses Edgaras and Irina of Sadauskas, “work” pimps three Belarusian prostitutes. During the investigation it turned out that their spouse workers searched through the Internet, offering them the opportunity to make good money. For them, Sadauskas rented apartments, explaining to the owners that the girls came to school. Revenue (80-100 euros per hour, 60-70 Euro for half an hour) sex workers shared with the pimps in half. One of the prostitutes confessed to police that, going to Lithuania, hoping to find a rich husband. And she did it. She recently began Dating a man, not specifying, however, whether he was her client or not know about her profession.

By the way, prostitution in Lithuania is prohibited, but prostitutes are not criminal, but administrative responsibility. With visitors confusing the local police are no problem. Foreign sex workers caught in the performance, as a rule, carefully pay fines and attend court sessions. Otherwise, the Lithuanian authorities may communicate with foreign colleagues, or worse, block a Schengen visa. If a girl comes for the first time, according to local laws, it’s getting half the minimum fine is EUR 43. In the future, the amount increases to 144-289 euros. According to visiting prostitutes, the distinctive quality of the Lithuanian police is her honesty. “Well, you and the police! Prescribe penalties, not take money on the free services do not claim, does not offend. Great police!” — comments about the local guardians of order one of the girls.

Perhaps the respect of clients and the delicate treatment of the police is not only the features of national mentality. The revival of the sex market in the Lithuanian capital makes citizens nostalgic memories about the good old days. As claimed by Lithuanian historians, Vilnius has always been considered a fun place. Some hundred years ago in this Old town, in the areas of užupis and Antakalnis, there were plenty of brothels and public houses.

“it All began in the XV century, when local nobility were invited to Lithuania by a foreign notice, the girls of easy virtue, — says local historian Dalia Paskeviciute. — But then, in the entertainment industry and related services have not yet been developed, therefore, there was no large demand for prostitutes”. However, life did not stand still and over time, the term “prostitution” is caught in the laws of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. To legalization then it did not come, but the responsibility for this activity is significantly softened. By the way, whore themselves from punishment is freed, and married men for adultery already was imprisoned and fined. And libertine’s lesson, and the Treasury income.

In the XVII-XIX centuries, the demand for commercial sex has grown steadily. The waitresses at the Inns, hairdresser, seamstress began to earn money by providing sexual services. At that time the male half of Vilnius was well known to the Monkey Park where in the evenings flocked whore. After the abolition of serfdom the peasant, finding another job, often became prostitutes. Imperial administration the belief that the phenomenon is getting out of control, decided to legalize prostitution, taking the industry under control. Sex workers had to register with the police, and twice a week (!) undergo a medical examination. Work they could only presenting a certificate of health.

In 1867, in Vilnius, there were 13 legal brothels, where he worked 165 courtesans. By the beginning of the 20th century, a number of legal working prostitutes in the city had grown to 550. This way worked even ballerinas. According to Paskeviciute, brothels and public houses often contained Jewish. However, only women with an impeccable reputation in the age of 35-55 years could become Swidnica. “We know that a hundred years ago in the Antakalnis district has successfully worked aunt Rosa, — says local historian. She had a public house offering exceptional service. Clients served and Rosa aunt, and her friends, and the cost of services consisted of booze and food. Working women started at midnight.” Both now and in the past century prostitutes worked not only the local resident. Women come to Vilnius from other cities, provinces and even from abroad. Most were Jewish, Polish, Russian.

the Advent of Soviet power, and then the war completely destroyed the economy — only in 1940 from the city sent as “criminal elements” 449 prostitutes. Later on the years, this craft has ventured to do a few. Now prostitution in Lithuania is still under the ban prostitutes just fine, but the landlords of brothels can be planted. The country’s strong Catholic tradition — and despite repeated offers to legalize sexual services, with legislators adamant.

However, as they say, the water wears away the stone. The number of sex workers involved in this business, all the time increasing and services are becoming more diverse and exotic, says the coordinator of the project “Assistance to victims of prostitution and trafficking” Christine Misiniene. “The police asked us when were going to check public house, which has long conducted surveillance — told Misiniene. — We went together to assist a mother if necessary. It turned out that the brothel customers were paying to watch women have sex with specially trained dogs.” According to her, most of the prostitutes currently working in Vilnius and Klaipeda.

Like a hundred years ago the Lithuanian prostitution remains largely foreign. A year ago, local police have exposed a group of pimps who worked in Vilnius, Kaunas, klaipėda and šiauliai. They arranged to “work” girls from Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Through ads on the advertising portals of foreign invited a well-paid (up to 200-300 euros per day) work. They were met at the airport and placed in urban apartments. New arrivals were provided with everything necessary for work and was looking for him. Some girls served a day up to 15 customers receiving up to 750 euros — half of the earned. The second half was taken by the organizers. Enterprise remotely run by a woman living abroad.

Another RAID ended in Vilnius fines four Ukrainians and one Russian woman. The circumstances of their detention were in the local press, which uses any opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of Lithuanian men in front of the Ukrainian. “I love having sex with different men, but not to do it for free, — confessed the 27-year-old Karina from Odessa. Lithuanians are good. In Ukraine clients hurt, beat, take the money. Ukrainians drink a lot, and the Lithuanians don’t drink.” For services Karina takes a good Lithuanians 150 euros per hour, of which 40 every day pays for rent.

Obviously, the fines of the minimum daily earnings unlikely to discourage visitors from prostitutes of their occupations. Moreover, as wages and working conditions in Lithuania is much better than at home. To legalize prostitution local legislators are not in a hurry, but the punishment to tighten do not plan to. This means that good Lithuanian men who come to prostitutes with flowers, will not remain without attention and affection of the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian sex workers.