Lukashenka spoke about the entry of Belarus into “part a state”

President Alexander Lukashenko admits that in the event of a failure of the economy, the country could lose independence. The head of state said June 22 during a meeting in the Shklov district, Mogilev region, reports ONT.

the Belarusian leader is convinced that the regional authorities should clearly to perform tasks in agriculture. “One reason for failure is death”, he said.

“We are at the front. Do not soak these years fall through, then it will be necessary or part of a state to go, or we’ll just wipe his feet. And, God forbid, even start a war in Ukraine”, — said Lukashenko. About where the threat comes from and in which state can enter Belarus in the worst case scenario, the President did not elaborate.

In the official report about the trip these words Lukashenko is not enabled.

June 19, the Belarusian President met in Minsk with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The leaders of the two countries participated in the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union state, and held a meeting in narrow format with the heads of government, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs. Negotiations, as passed to the Agency Sputnik, lasted almost two hours. What topics were discussed, as yet unknown, but Lukashenko said in a press statement mentioned “some of the controversial issues that sometimes arise in the Belarusian-Russian relations.”