Moldovan officials saw “signs of superiority of Russia” in the message Putin

the Moldovan Authorities have fined the local Prime TV station live broadcasting message of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. This was reported on the website the coordinating Council for television and radio (CCA) of the country.

it is Noted that Prime “grossly violated the Code of television and radio Moldova”. The CCA indicates that the message Putin talked about “the signs of superiority of Russia over other States, the development of a new strategic non-ballistic weapons, against which the missile defense system becomes useless, and about Russia’s rights in response to external aggression, to use nuclear weapons.”

the TV Channel was fined 70 thousand Moldovan lei (about 4200$) — the maximum amount of penalty for the first violation of the code of television and radio. A complaint to the BCC was filed by the Association WatchDog 12, which stated that the broadcasting network Prime was supposed to be another transfer.

“Interfax” notes that this penalty was the largest of all that ever was appointed to the broadcasters of Moldova. Previously, fines for any violations does not exceed $ 300. Penalties were increased ten times after the entry into force of the law on the fight against “Russian propaganda” in January 2018.

on March 1 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly told about a new weapon being developed in the country. It was, in particular, on strategic missile complex “Sarmat”, a cruise missile with unlimited range underwater drone aircraft missile complex “Dagger”, a hypersonic missile complex with the cruise planning unit and a combat laser unit.