Named the only way to return to Kiev “occupied” by Russia

Kiev can regain control over the entire territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions by force. In an interview with “the observer” said the head of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal.

“the Only way to do so, as did [President Vladimir] Putin. Retake captured territory by military means. The other way, I don’t see, but it still needed years, our army has become stronger, with more modern equipment. Declare martial law, mobilize… or pan, Or will live in slavery, and live today!” he said.

this view of his led own experience. “The reason I say so? I’ve lived my life in the territory, which was a zone of active combat operations UPA (Ukrainian insurgent army, banned in Russia approx. “the from 1944 to 1952-the year. (…) I do a lot of riding in the mountains and met in the villages of the former UPA soldiers who spent 25 years in the camps and those who were sentenced to death. “If we have not sold the NKVD, the UPA would be today, and we never lost it,” they said. Unfortunately, many of the Ukrainians went on to collaborate with the occupiers as agents, informants were recruited,” — said Moskal.