Nazarbayev sculpted in the likeness of abolishing slavery US President

the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana has installed a sculpture of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, echoing the statue of the sixteenth President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, which is located in Washington. On Tuesday, July 10, TengriNews reports.

As indicated by “Fergana”, the sculpture depicts the seated in a chair with the elements of national patterns of the President of Kazakhstan, staring into the distance. Above the sculpture is the inscription in the Kazakh language Latin: “My dream — to Kazakhstan was “Mangilik YEL” (eternal country — ed. “the”). Time passes, people pass. But independence will remain. The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Elbasy (Kazakh — “the leader of the nation”, Nazarbayev’s official title is approx. “Of the”) Nursultan Nazarbayev”.