Offered to bomb the Crimean bridge journalist called Russian provocation

American political journalist Tom Rogan, the author published in the American weekly magazine The Washington Examiner article with the title Ukraine should blow up Putin’s Crimea bridge (“Ukraine needs to blow up Putin’s Crimean bridge”), said he had received support from Kiev. About this he wrote in his Twitter.

According to Rogan, he talked with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. “[Pavlo] Klimkin said that the Ukrainian people support my work and that Ukraine would help me, if Russia will try to send me to [colony of special regime] “Black Dolphin”. Good banter,” said he. In the comments to the post Rogan’s Twitter users have suggested that communicated the journalist not Klimkin, and the Russian media Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) and Alexei Stolyarov (Lexus)

At the same time, the head of the Mead Ukraine said that it had not contacted Rohan. “It was funny. I’ve never not talked to him, and the article, frankly, not worth commenting on. Don’t know if he wants to present me as a hero or as a criminal. Actually, it doesn’t matter. All this is like another Russian provocation,” wrote Belarus on Twitter.

may 15, Rogan released the column, which urged Ukraine to put an airstrike on the Crimean bridge. He also added that the US “can and should” support the country in this matter.

Right after that the Investigative Committee of Russia opened against American criminal case. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin called Rogan’s article “madness” and “a manifestation of the poor quality of journalism”. Rogan in turn, pointed out he didn’t regret his proposal, and added that the bombing of the bridge should avoid casualties. He complained he received threats and stressed that he respects the Russian people and their history, but not Vladimir Putin.