Poroshenko decided to save the best for Ukraine agreement on cooperation with the CIS

the President’s Proposal Petro Poroshenko out of the statutory bodies of the CIS involves saving only the best for Ukraine of cooperation agreements with the Commonwealth. This was stated by the representative of the President in Parliament Irina Lutsenko transfers “Ukrainian Pravda”.

She explained that Poroshenko wants the government to make an inventory of all agreements with CIS members, to denounce the separate contract, “leaving only those that are pragmatically necessary for Ukraine.” In particular, we are talking about recognition of diplomas and employment, the transit agreement and “other documents that are important for Ukraine’s economy.

April 12, Poroshenko said that “Ukraine was never a member of the CIS, and given the failure of this structure to condemn Russian aggression,” he asked together with the government to prepare proposals for the formal cessation of Kiev’s participation in the statutory bodies of the organization. Then he announced the bill on unilateral cancellation of certain provisions of the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership with Russia of 1997.

the next day, April 13, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze said that Kiev would not break the Treaty of friendship with Russia, as this document acknowledges the integrity and inviolability of borders of Ukraine.

the Commonwealth of independent States created in December 1991. The agreement was signed by the heads of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In the CIS later joined other former Soviet republics, except the Baltic States. Ukraine has not signed the CIS Charter, therefore, although considered a member of an organization, legally a member of it was not.