Poroshenko found a similarity with the “North-Eastern neighbor”

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for re-election as head of state should control all the TV channels, said Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky. This opinion he expressed in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

“he has such a fixed idea,” explained the entrepreneur, who owns, in particular, the national Ukrainian channel “1+1”.

“As our North-Eastern neighbor. There once all the channels were privately owned and belonged to individuals and therefore expressed different points of view. Remember the year 1998 alone, for example, supported [Yevgeny] Primakov, [Yury] Luzhkov and others [Boris] Yeltsin [Vladimir] Putin,” continued Kolomoisky, alluding to Russia.

As reported “Details”, in the autumn of last year the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has won the right to inspection of the building, which houses the holding “1+1 Media” — the country’s largest media group, which is controlled by Kolomoisky. In addition to “1+1”, it includes several channels, news sites and other online resources. The actions of the prosecutors were associated with the case of embezzlement of funds PrivatBank, a share of whose shares before the nationalization in December 2016 was owned by a billionaire.

pressure from the authorities also complained to representatives of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. So, in September 2016 the owner Andrew Podsypku asked for political asylum in Belgium.