Savchenko wrote a letter to Putin

Deputy Verkhovna Rada Savchenko, suspected of preparing terrorist attacks in Kiev, wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The appeal of the MP to the Russian leader published Wednesday, June 13, on its page in the Facebook.

“an Exceptional situation that has developed around the fate of my countrymen, citizens of Ukraine, who are now in prison of the Russian Federation, life and health of which are now in serious danger, and time goes by in a matter of days, or even hours, in time to save their lives, can not make me appeal personally to you through an open letter, with a sincere request from me personally, on behalf of my constituents, on behalf of everyone concerned in Ukraine and around the world to the fate of the Ukrainian prisoners in Russia, to free the citizens of Ukraine who are in Russian prisons and detention facilities, any legal way,” wrote Savchenko.

“This gesture of goodwill as the head of the Russian Federation would demonstrate to the world your desire to help the Ukrainian citizens to see their families and loved ones, to return to their homeland, the Ukraine, and that human life is the highest value for the Russian people and its representatives in government,” asked the MP to Putin.

In her opinion, “the liberation of Ukrainian citizens who are in prison in the Russian Federation, will show the world good will [Putin] will significantly change in the position of Russia in the international arena and will significantly improve bilateral dialogue with many countries.”

“I’m asking you to make a decision to pardon and make this step to peace in the Ukrainian land, peace between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples and peace in the international relations of Russia and Ukraine and other countries of the civilized democratic society was possible that the Russian Federation is important, based on your statements,” wrote Savchenko.