Selfie with Poroshenko embroil the Ukrainian bloggers

Two Ukrainian bloggers who were invited to meet with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a falling out over a selfie with the President. Attention to this Sunday, March 11, drew RIA Novosti.

After the meeting one of the attending bloggers Miroslav Oleshko posted on the page in Facebook joint photo with the Ukrainian leader. Another participant at the meeting Olena Monova, noticing this, broke into criticism.

“Before the meeting we were all asked to donate gadgets — and we passed them. Why the photo turned out to be one of the participants of the meeting in which anatomical hole he carried a smartphone and why they violated the agreement — I don’t know. Everyone has their own life priorities,” she wrote in Facebook.

In response Oleshko called a colleague “don’t lie” and said that he had published the photograph with the personal approval of Poroshenko. “Personally, Petro Poroshenko, told me to publish Miroslav, sure, you’re right that it should be” — he wrote. Then Monova him banned.