Sister Hopes Savchenko chose the egg grenades

Sister Savchenko Faith congratulated Ukrainians with Easter. In her Facebook she’s posted the image of the pomegranate, painted in the style of Easter eggs.

the two garnets is the inscription “Christ is Risen”, and several explosive devices painted in colors of Ukrainian flag. “Delicious Easter. Let 30 pieces of silver in his pocket do not interfere with the rattle of “soul”,” the signed she publication.

on 20 March on YouTube appeared a video in which the background of the empty room, Verkhovna Rada is the Hope Savchenko. “Kaboom! What the crap?” — says Ukrainian MP after a six-second silence. The video ends with the words: “Nadezhda Savchenko. Deputy of the people”.

on 4 April it was reported that the car Vera Savchenko discovered explosive device. “I gave your car to a special inspection. The experts found that there was a bookmark on the explosives. With appropriate speed would work” she said.