T-34 tank came under fire in the Donbass

the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) fired district of Lugansk, where the military equipment of the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR), which was prepared to participate in the parade devoted to Victory Day. On Tuesday, April 17, according to the website the people’s militia LC.

“Today, April 17, at 01:50, in flagrant violation of the action “Easter” truce, which was announced on 30 March, the militants of the 80-th separate airborne assault brigade of the armed forces opened fire from artillery guns of 152 mm caliber in the area of Lugansk”, — said the official representative of the people’s militia LC Andrey Marochko.

According to him, the purpose of the attacks was the territory of the Lugansk higher military aviation school of navigators, where the police were preparing for the Victory Parade. Marochko said that the attack civilians and personnel of the national police was not injured, but five vehicles were damaged.

In particular, according to the Luganskinform, was damaged T-34 tank during the great Patriotic war: fragments of damaged hull, engine and fuel tank of the machine. In addition, the damage to artillery units during the war, which had previously been restored to participate in the parade.

As emphasized in the militia, the power of LC has repeatedly warned OSCE on the preparation of damaged equipment for the parade. In particular, the report of the Special OSCE monitoring mission of April 13, was published full information on the location of equipment.