The arranged spacing of the SBU, the writer again got angry because of the Russian language

the Ukrainian children’s writer Larissa Nicoll the second time was for questioning security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and remained dissatisfied with the linguistic preferences of Agency staff. Description “second series,” she shared in Facebook.

According to her, she called the SBU, the Ukrainian language izmenivshiysya for colleagues, and also indicated that they had to know that Nicou — a “special case”. “A special case is with all the “normal” you can break the law, the “special”, not?” asked Nicoll. The SBU said that his “colleagues would have to look at the place, and not to pose”.

After talking Nicoll went to SBU for re-examination, during which the conversation was exclusively in the Ukrainian language. After questioning the writer asked the investigator why during her first visit, the staff of SBU was talking to her in Russian. He said that Agency staff can choose the preferable language of communication, but Nicoll indicated that SBU covered by the public service act, whereby all public servants in Ukraine have to apply in the Ukrainian language.

“State officials in Ukraine (not only SBU) the concept of green does not have about their responsibilities. They collect some papers for employment, take some kind of certificate of the Ukrainian language (who gives it), not even knowing what it does. Who checks that civil servants in Ukraine of article 8 of the law on public service that public servants have not only rights but also RESPONSIBILITIES!!! CHARGE!!! The OBLIGATION to use the Ukrainian language, DUTY, not DESIRE,” wrote Nicoll.