The Consul of the master race

Consul of Ukraine in Hamburg Vasily Marusinec childhood considered themselves not like everyone else. Even as a simple Transcarpathian peasant, he was acutely felt by the Aryan Superman. Marusinec not accustomed to hide their feelings and willingly shared with friends ideas of building the Empire of the Aryans. Years and career is not cooled his zeal on the contrary, once on the ground the “true Aryans”, the Ukrainian diplomat revealed really. The investigation blogger Anatoly Sharia and the ensuing scandal apparently put an end to the career of the Aryan Consul. But what about his colleagues — with the Ukrainian ambassadors and consuls who have read and laykali openly anti-Semitic posts Marusina? In the history of the Aryan Consul and how widespread neo-Nazi ideas among Ukrainian diplomats, understood “the”.

Page Basil Marusina in Facebook is closed to outsiders, his posts can only watch friends. However, Anatoly Sharii was able to access its content. In your video the blogger shows selected publications of the Ukrainian diplomat.

02:40 minute, the Consul of Ukraine proposes the flag of Ariana — “the future of the Empire that should unite the land of the Aryans”. It is a yellow swastika in a blue circle on the red background-black flag (the symbol of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists approx. “Of the”).

In other posts Marusinec develops the idea of Ariany — state, which, according to his plan, to live the true Aryans. According to the diplomat, the Aryans it is necessary to expand the Ukrainian living space at the expense of Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian lands. According to Ukrainian Consul, all the above Nations are low relative to the Aryans.

At 04:54 minute Shary demonstrates how Marusinec justifies the Holocaust. In the article “Holocaust Revisionism” he claims: “the Jews declared war on Germany in March 1934” and below says: “God punish Jews and Muscovites”.

In the second video noteworthy post of the Ukrainian Consul on the occasion of his 60th anniversary (13:42 min). The diplomat boasts a cake in the form of the book “Mein Kampf” (a software product of Adolf Hitler’s “My struggle” — ed. “Of the”).

Marusinec from childhood, sympathized with the Nazis and Ukrainian collaborators. Friends and villagers believe that their role in the formation of his views played a father who fought in world war II in the German army and was nearly hit in the Stalingrad cauldron. The young man did not hide the nationalist, anti-Semitic and anti-Soviet views — however, in Western Ukraine, they were not something exotic.

To the diplomatic service Marusinec had no desire, according to the source “Strenia”. He grew up in a peasant family in the Transcarpathian region, and the limit of his ambitions was to get at least some education. Dreams come true. After the provincial training Institute Marusinec returned to his native village. At what point he became aware of their belonging to the Aryan race — is not known, but when entering the University, he went to the faculty of foreign languages, chose German. He has taught students the language and in my spare time I read, including everything I could find on the topic of interest of racial superiority. Knowledge of German, of course, greatly enhanced its capabilities.

Who knows, might not be Marusinec ideological nationalists, his life would have ended in his native village, studying the cultural heritage of the philosophers of the Third Reich, their predecessors and imitators. But he was attracted by the active, including political activities, and at the end of the 1980s, the rural teacher has joined the party “people’s movement” (“people’s movement” — ed. “Of the”). 30 years ago, the national democratic party was one of the most popular in Ukraine.

From her the Consul several times ran to the Verkhovna Rada. However, the peak of his political career was the post of the head of the village Council in 1994. Of his most significant cases of the time we only know about the renaming of the rural streets in honor of Ukrainian nationalists — Bandera, Shukhevych, Konovalets.

At some point, Martinez realized that the village chief could become the crowning achievement of his political career, and decided to radically change their life and occupation. In 1996, at the age of 40, he enrolled in the Diplomatic Academy and, after graduating, went to work in Ministry of foreign Affairs. Some time worked in Kazakhstan, and then in the archives Department of the foreign Ministry.

According to the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko, the stars of heaven in the diplomatic field Marusinec not enough, and it had to fire in 2004. Then he has not passed the professional certification, but inexplicably managed to stay in the foreign Ministry. Yelchenko associates it with those [first] Maidan. On the background of those events personnel routine faded into the background, and Marusinec served. Subsequent transfer to consular work and moving to Germany, apparently, inspired him to new, more bright ideas.

Ukrainian foreign Ministry quickly reacted to the scandal involving his employee. The next day after the publication of the investigation to the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin in his Twitter announced that the anti-Semites have no place in the foreign Ministry, and began to regard the Consul disciplinary proceedings. However, the passion did not abate, and on Monday the 14th of may Marusina withdrew to Ukraine.

the Scandal with the Consul, provoked a strong reaction of Ukrainian envoy UN. In his blog on Twitter Volodymyr Yelchenko said he knew of Marushina before, called him a jerk and called not to judge Ukraine for such as he.

However, sharp statement of the Ukrainian Ambassador to the diplomatic corps of Ukraine met deaf with silence: other diplomats condemned colleague. The silence could be attributed to corporate ethics and unwillingness to wash dirty linen in public, however, there is reason to believe that the Ukrainian diplomats are driven by more than professional solidarity. Friends with the Consul-Aryan — two dozen profiles of foreign Ministry officials who not only read and likely, but also commented on his controversial positions.

In this story is of special interest not even the fact of anti-Semitic remarks Consul Maruchina. In the end, any system can penetrate radical, from time to time, hide their views. However, in a well-functioning public service, such staff must quickly identify and get rid of them. In the case of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has turned out otherwise.

Anatoly Shary demonstrates the staff page of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, who are friends with Vasily Maruchina. They saw his anti-Semitic publications and in the best case, no, they did not respond. Among friends in Facebook at the Consul — Deputy permanent representative of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna Ihor Lossovsky, former Ambassador of Ukraine to India and Australia Valentyn Adomaitis, Professor of the Diplomatic Academy Vyacheslav Cavity, Colonel-General interior Ministry Bogdan Pylypiv, former Minister of foreign Affairs, and nowadays the people’s Deputy Bogdan Tarasiuk and many others.

All these people belonging to the diplomatic elite of Ukraine, knew of the existence within its ranks of a radical anti-Semite and was silent. Even Ukraine’s permanent representative at UN, calling Marusina bastard and a jerk, says that know him long ago, and that, as already mentioned, was not a hypocrite and his views were not hidden.

Judging by the details of the biography of Marushina shared Yelchenko, he knows of at least 14 years. However, apparently, during this time, nothing was done in order to attract future Consul responsible or at least to expel him from the foreign Ministry. Moreover. Some representatives of the Ukrainian diplomatic elite is not just knew and remained silent, but expressed approval of the posts of Marushina.

for Example, November 4, 2015 Marusinec publishes photos of an ancient vessel, and writes: “Here is a jug. And he many thousands of years. And it is our swastika.” Like “his” swastika put the ex-Ambassador of Ukraine in India Valentyn Adomaitis and Colonel-General of the Ministry of internal Affairs in resignation Bogdan Pylypiv.

a Festive photo for the 60th anniversary of the Consul with a cake in the form of the book “Mein Kampf” praised the first Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Stupak, first Secretary, Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Valentina Krotova and Advisor-envoy of Ukraine to China Vasily Galanin.

September 26, 2016, the Ukrainian Consul shared the article about Kyiv Prince Svyatoslav. In the commentary he writes: “the Leader Svyatoslav — the liberator of the land of the Khazars from the Jewish yoke”. The post about the Jewish yoke also liked prominent Ukrainian diplomats — for example, the current Ambassador of Ukraine in Portugal Inna Ohnivets and the above-mentioned Valentyn Adomaitis.

After the publication of the investigation of the Sharia was exactly a week, however, the only reaction of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry was the opinion of Marusina from Germany. However, neither his leadership, which was supposed to control his subordinate or colleagues who laykali his Nazi and anti-Semitic positions, until now did not incur any punishment.

the Chairman of the Ukrainian Jewish Congress Eduard Dolinsky doubt that the scandal will have any major impact on colleagues Marusina: “I don’t think the punishment will affect the colleagues of the Consul who liked his posts, although the disciplinary sanction would have to receive all who saw it and didn’t react”.

the Lack of serious reaction of the state Dolinsky explains the peculiarities of modern Ukrainian society, which has developed a fairly tolerant attitude towards anti-Semitism. Such tolerance begins to alert the partners of Ukraine in the West. In April a group of 56 U.S. congressmen sent to US state Department the letter, which expresses concern about the growth of anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism in Ukraine. Congressmen accuse Ukrainian government the misrepresentation of the Holocaust, honoring the Nazi collaborators and unwillingness to investigate anti-Semitic crimes.

And on may 15, shortly after the withdrawal of Marusina, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum issued a statement in which he listed such examples of anti-Semitism, as the desecration of Jewish memorial sites and anti-Semitic statements by neo-Nazi groups in Lviv and Odessa.

Perhaps the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs had to react to the behavior of his employee solely because such letters and statements. And if in other circumstances it could just hush up, now from critics overseas allies do not just dismiss — election looming. The authorities of Ukraine is important not only in words but in deeds, to show fight anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism, to continue to count on sympathy and support from the West.