The DNR was afraid of a disaster due to dam storage hypothalami

was the destruction of the dam storage of chemical wastes for phenol plant in Toreck controlled by the Ukrainian security forces. On Tuesday, June 12, according to RIA Novosti with reference to the Ukrainian Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories.

According to authorities, there is 270 tons of chemical waste.

the press service of Goskomecology at the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic said that the building suffered even in 2016 as a result of attacks. The Ministry said that a dam break could have “disastrous consequences for the environment” and to pose a direct threat to the health and lives of people.

“It comes as spills on the soil with the subsequent release to groundwater and surface water, and air emissions solutions of phenol and naphthalene, benzene, toluene, sulphuric acid, pyridine and other dangerous compounds. And the inevitable poisoning of the waters of the crooked End and, as a consequence, the Seversky Donets river, which, in turn, provides drinking water to virtually the entire Donbass. Then, in the midst of a disaster will be millions of people”, — explained in Goskomecology.