The Georgians protested the game to the Africans in football and attacked them with a machete

In Tbilisi, locals attacked a group of Africans playing football in one of the sports venues in the city. About this in his Facebook wrote one of the victims, a native of Nigeria, Ben Seeg.

“We played football on a public platform, when we were approached by a Georgian man and demanded that we left the field. We asked — why? He said that we must leave the field and get out of his country,” wrote a Nigerian.

a resident of Tbilisi, according to Seeg, said that Africans have “no right to be in his country because they are black”. “Then he became more aggressive and hit the black man. And like it was planned, we were rushed by the crowd of Georgian men with machetes and stones. One of the Georgians towards us with a huge gun, shouted from the window that will kill us if we are not leaving the country,” said Seeg.

“Before we could understand what is happening, we have attacked these people. We immediately called the police, but because of the language barrier, Georgians easily lied and distorted what happened. They said that they peacefully asked us to leave the area to play the children,” wrote African.