The government of Turkmenistan will leave the country only have white cars

the government of Turkmenistan decided to leave the country vans in white only. On Thursday, may 3, reports the edition “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

Since the beginning of the year, when the police the beginning to catch on roads of vehicles of all colors, except white, to March car owners from Ashgabat could sell their cars with dark colors in another region of the country. Now the cars stopped to put on record there.

According to the “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, Ashgabat city Day, which will be celebrated on 25 may on the roads of the capital of Turkmenistan will remain the only comes in white (which is the favorite color of the head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov).

In connection with the termination of production of cars in black and other colors on account of the people of Turkmenistan have to repaint your cars in the color white. Due to the hype the price of this service rose sharply. The average cost of painting is 18 thousand manats (5143 of the dollar at the official rate or $ 1125 for the course “black market”). In small private garages painting will cost much cheaper, but the quality will be worse.

Also in Ashgabat there was a shortage of white paint. For two months the cost of cans of paint weighing 4.2 kg from the UAE has increased by half. While garages can offer its customers more than cheap paint from China. Repainting a car takes about a month — all this time taxi drivers for whom a private taxi driver is often the only source of income, are unemployed. After painting the car owner must apply for a new registration, be diagnosed, get insurance and to be tested for violations. Car owners also require a statement to the head of the GAI that the owner of the car, painted it on their own.

“In General, the process of registration of documents covered and messy. However, another option owners have no cars,” — noted the authors of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.