The grandmother who threw her drink burned a newborn granddaughter in the oven

In the village of Dubrovnoe in the North Kazakhstan region, a 62-year-old local resident, Lubov Rusalieva, burned her newborn granddaughter alive in the oven. This is reported in the story of the CPC channel, the video is available on YouTube.

The mother of the girl at that moment went to the store together with her oldest nine-year-old son. Returning home, the boy first saw the burning girl in the oven.

It is known that Rusalieva abused alcohol, but before the massacre of her granddaughter decided to quit drinking.

“Yes, she drank, of course, and everyone knew it, but it was adequate, like kindly. And she had doctors. And no aggression, no threat from it came. No one could have thought that she could represent any danger, something like that could happen. What it was – is unclear. Specialists will sort it out, “Galina Shvetsova, akim (head of administration) of the Dubrovinsky rural district, told Sputnik Kazakhstan.

On the fact of the incident a criminal case was instituted, Rusalieva was detained, she faces 15 to 20 years of imprisonment.