The head of the interior Ministry of Ukraine disclosed his plan of “de-occupation” of Donbass

Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov in an interview with “Ukrainian truth” proposed a plan of “de-occupation” of parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions not controlled by Kiev.

“I Have a plan. It’s called “the tactics of small steps, which applauded all”. I don’t think you can just reintegrate the whole territory of the occupied Donbas. The “blue helmets” as there is no — on the whole territory. I therefore suggest that, relatively speaking, to take first separately Gorlovka or novoazovs’kyi district,” — said Avakov.

“the Plan is, come the peacekeepers and get up on the conventional boundary of the city of Gorlovka village Novoazovskiy district. The border with the occupied territory immediately take control, and blue helmets, and Ukrainian border guards. Inside this returning to Ukraine territory to go Ukrainian authorities of justice and hold elections according to our law,” continued the Minister.

According to him, Kiev should be “do not care” who will win in this election. According to Avakov, the main task of Kiev is to form a transitional authority: “based On these new, elected according to Ukrainian law enforcement and representatives of the government of Ukraine. Should come to the Central government together with the Ukrainian police forces”.

Next step on the part of Ukraine should be the adoption of the Amnesty law and the “law on collaborators,” added the Minister.

“It concerns an ordinary man, forced to live and work in the occupied territories. You need to determine the status of each person. To formally establish that he is a citizen of Ukraine, like all the others. He or the victim, of which the majority, or party, but not critical. Or still deserve a measure of censure”, he said.

Also, according to Avakov, you will need to decide on the special economic status of the territories, for which restoration the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry expects to involve means of the Western partners and budget money.

the Minister stressed that in case of success in one area Kiev should repeat this experience in other regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. “There will be nuances associated with the peculiarities of the transition period. I think people from the occupied territories are affected in their rights with respect to elections to the Central government — the Parliament, the President, and so forth. But this is a normal international practice”, — Avakov added.

Avakov April 6 said that the interior Ministry is preparing for operations at the “de-occupation” uncontrolled Kiev territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.