The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine urged to prepare for the “worst case scenario” in the Donbass

Kiev is considering the possibility of “causing Russia strike” in Ukraine after what happened in Syria. About it “Fast” said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar.

“one hundred percent about the possible reaction of Russia to actions of the Western allies in Syria will not tell anybody, because you don’t know what’s in the mind of Mr. [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. But we must prepare for the worst. Last week, together with the Slovak colleague (the Secretary of state of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Slovakia Lukasz Pariscom — ed. “the”) I was in the East [of Ukraine], and we saw that our defenders are preparing for defensive action and for the worst scenario,” — said Bodnar.

He pointed out that Ukrainian diplomats are working to shift the focus of world attention from events in Syria to Ukraine, because in the East of the country possible “another shot from the Russian side, who will have to beat the whole world.” “Ukraine will reflect it physically, and the whole of the civilized West will make it politically and engage the world countering the aggressor,” — said the Deputy Minister.

the United States, France and Britain on the night of 14 April struck Syrian sites that allegedly produced and stored chemical weapons. The reason was the message about its application in the Syrian Eastern ghouta. The responsibility for the incident, Western countries put on the Syrian military. OPCW information about the chemical attack is not yet confirmed. The Russian side refers the accusations a provocation.