The people of Georgia again came to the protests

In Tbilisi resumed protests of local residents, demanding “justice” in the murder of 16-year-old schoolchildren. On Monday, June 11, according to “Interfax”.

the protesters took a decision to set up tents on the roadway of the main street of Tbilisi — Rustaveli Avenue. Initially, the police did not interfere in the actions of the protesters, but on the morning of 11 June, the guards surrounded the two tents with an iron fence, and then detained a few people. One of the detainees was Zviad Kuprava the closest ally of the father of the murdered schoolboy Zaza, Saralidze. Tbilisi city court sentenced him and three other people to 14 days ‘ imprisonment for an administrative offense.

Also during the day to the Parliament of Georgia was pulled special forces and hundreds of police. Police detained about 20 people — initially it was reported that among them was the leader of the opposition party “United national movement” (founded by the former President Mikheil Saakashvili) Nika Melia, however, interior Ministry Republic, has denied this information. In this case, the police confirmed that they had arrested several members of the city Council of Tbilisi.

on 1 December in Tbilisi during the fight between the students was killed 16-year-old David Saralidze and his friend Levan Datunashvili. May 31, Tbilisi city court sentenced one of the accused to 10.5 years of imprisonment for the murder of Dadunashvili, and the second accused in the course of the process the article was changed from “premeditated murder”, Saralidze for “attempt of murder”. The young man was sentenced to 9 years and 9 months imprisonment — this means that the real killer Saralidze still not caught.

the same day the city began to protest. Their leader became the father of a murdered Zaza Saralidze, who accused Prosecutor negligent investigation and patronage guilty in the murder of his son. Protesters managed to achieve the resignation of the chief Prosecutor Irakli Shotadze. Saralidze believes that “justice” is not enough.