The President of Moldova announced the closure of NATO office in the country

Office NATO to inform in Chisinau can be closed after the parliamentary elections in Moldova. About it the newspaper of “news” told the President of the Republic of Igor Dodon.

According to him, Chisinau “not interested” to become part of any military bloc, this position is shared by the majority of citizens. Dodon said that Moldova should become a bridge between East and West and make friends with all parties, based on their interests.

In September 2017 contingent of 57 members of the army of Moldavia arrived in NATO exercise Rapid Trident-2017, although this Dodon twice said that forbade the security forces to participate in the maneuvers. He recalled that according to the Constitution the country is a neutral state. In turn, Prime Minister of Moldova Paul Philip a meeting of the Cabinet called on Ministers to find a way to send Moldovan troops on exercises.