The President of Turkmenistan from the helicopter and enjoyed the flooded capital

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a survey of the major buildings of Ashgabat on the helicopter at the time, until the city was flooded with heavy rain. On Wednesday, may 16, according to “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

the State Agency TDH reported that Berdimuhamedov “inspected the area large-scale construction, making a circle above it, so you can see the whole picture, objectively, to assess the status and dynamics of work according to the schedule, the rationality of technology”. While the footage on state television shows that the trenches of construction sites were flooded, and construction equipment instead of the planned works churned mud, indicating “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

Also, the publication indicates that the Turkmen state media chose not to report on the flood in the city, although as a result of the downpour cellars of houses are flooded, and the water flows have created serious problems for traffic and pedestrians: in many places they have washed away the soil under roads and sidewalks.