The strike stopped the largest steel plant in the Ukraine

the largest metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine of PJSC “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” stopped due to the strike. As reports the edition “Gromadsky”, the employees dissatisfied with working conditions and wages.

Workers of the railway Department on strike since may 16. They need to overhaul the equipment which, in their opinion, is in poor condition. The workers also want a raise of the average wage at the plant to thousands of euros at the exchange rate of the national Bank.

“Since railway transport serves all the production, that is, delivers raw materials and exports finished products, the result is already stopped and the open-hearth furnace, and basic oxygen furnace shop, explained the Union leader Yuri Samoilov. — And this can lead to disastrous consequences for the enterprises of the continuous cycle.”

In the leadership of the plant Krivoy Rog hastened to declare the strike illegal. “This action was not announced and agreed in advance with management. Therefore, the company had no possibility in advance to make adjustments in the production process”, — said in a press release.

the company Also said that the average wage at the enterprise makes 14 thousand hryvnia (about 450 Euro — ed. “the”), and is considered quite competitive among the enterprises is mountain-a metallurgical complex of Ukraine.

it is Known that the management of “ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih” and the Union representatives have already started negotiations about wage increases and the resumption of work of the enterprise.

In March of this year, the trade Union of the plant has already come up with requirements about salary increase up to one thousand euros and overhaul of equipment. Then the company went on partial concessions to the workers and raised wages 20 percent.

For the last time in Krivoy Rog factory have been several accidents. On March 4, the roof collapsed in one of the shops of the plant, killing a worker. On may 1, during startup of the blast furnace occurred leak 40 tons of iron. Then no one was hurt.