The surrender of the fleet in the Crimea in Ukraine is explained by the sacrifice operations in the Donbass

In 2014, the Ukrainian Navy in the Crimea has brought himself as a sacrifice for the mobilization of the armed forces. About it in interview to TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the Deputy commander of the Ukrainian Navy captain first rank Marina Kanalu.

“We were stalling in order to give the opportunity for higher structures to create the conditions for the use of the APU in such a situation. We have reached out to a month. And the government came up with later the mechanism for the use of APU — ATO. And naval forces, in essence, sacrificed himself in order to give a chance to Ukraine to collect all the military power that there is, which was in the ranks,” she said.

As noted, Kanalus, Navy had to act in the absence of the President and the defense Minister.

In January, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested transfer to Ukraine rest in Crimea, ships and other military equipment. According to the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko, on the piers of the Peninsula remained eight warships.

Crimea became Russian in March 2014, the results of the referendum. In the spring of that year in the Donbass, the new authorities in Kiev began a military operation in the Donbass against the breakaway DNI and LC.