The Ukrainian writer was furious because the Russian language on the train

the Ukrainian children’s writer Larissa Nicoll protested the use of the Russian language agents for InterCity, EN route Kiev — Zaporozhye. A video conversation with the conductor she has published in Facebook.

Nicoll noted that all the conductors on the train said in Russian, and was interested to know if its the interviewee a situation in which the conductors of the trains running on French Railways, I speak Portuguese. Also Niceu wanted to know why employees “Ukrainian Railways” use at work is not the Ukrainian language, and Russian.

having Learned from him that there is freedom of speech, Nicoll wanted information, instructing the employee of the company, what language to speak with passengers. After hearing a positive response, the writer decided not to limit themselves and appealed to the Minister of infrastructure of the country Volodymyr Omelyan.

“Mr. Omelyan, do not prompt, why in train No. 732 ad “watch the closing doors” in the state language additionally duplicated [in Russian]? Since independence (nearly 30 years) in Ukraine, all studying in the schools of the UKRAINIAN language! Who is this duplication? For occupants? Already undressed and waiting?” — wrote Nicoi.