Ukraine has invented a new method of deterrence of “aggression” Russia

Ukraine has to establish a strategic weapon of deterrence to counter “aggression” from Russia. This statement in an interview with Interfax Wednesday, June 20, was made by the Secretary of the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

“we are facing a very serious challenge. While Ukraine was not a NATO member, and that’s at the end of the term, we are forced to rely solely on themselves. What can stop an aggressive nuclear country from a massive invasion? Only a modern, powerful weapon of deterrence. Like our partners or not, but we have to work on such a strategic level weapon, a weapon that can effectively hit the enemy at any distance,” said he.

Turchynov believes that “the pacifism that was at the end of the last century, has not and probably will not.” “The Budapest Memorandum, which was given us in exchange for nuclear disarmament, security assurances not worth the paper on which it was written,” says Turchynov. “No one has the moral or legal right not to allow Ukraine to implement this initiative,” — said the NSDC Secretary.

Also Turchynov accused Moscow of trying to “destabilize” the situation in Ukraine. “One of the main tasks of Russia is the internal destabilization of our country. They understand that they have today with impunity, without rigid resistance to provide its military offensive. Therefore, their main priority is to try to inflame the situation in Ukraine from the inside. Panic, chaos, to break the willingness of Ukrainians to resist. To do this, use a wide Arsenal of tools — from information warfare to the banality of terror,” he said.

as examples of “Russian destabilization of Ukraine,” he cited the murder of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov and snipers Amines Okueva and supposed murder attempt on journalist Arkady Babchenko. “These are all links of one chain”, — said the Turchynov.

the Priority of the expansion of military-technical cooperation of Ukraine with strategic partners will strengthen the air defense (PVO), he added. The subject of strengthening air defense of the Ukrainian leadership is very important, since it does not exclude the possibility that Russia’s military aircraft in case of aggravation of the armed conflict.

“a large-scale conflict in the first place will differ from the situation in the East of Ukraine, using Air and space forces of the Russian Federation, including attack aircraft, cruise missiles. And for us, the theme of air defense, protection of important strategic objects of the country from this threat is very important. We study in detail the large-scale use of Russian HQs in Syria, their strengths and weaknesses and understand how it can be a serious problem”, — said Turchinov.