Ukrainian Deputy suspected of UN in Russia

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Teteruk accused the United Nations (UN) in Russia. His statement he published in Facebook.

the Indignation of deputies has caused published January 5 visit of the UN Facebook infographics, which shows that the Ukrainian language is derived from Russian.

“the Ukrainian language served ostensibly as a later offshoot from the Russian, and began to form much later on Russian and Belarusian. This false fact to ignore we can not, because this claim fits in a number of purposeful steps on the estimates of the Ukrainian language (and thus of the Ukrainian people), which are adopted in the Kremlin and has been repeatedly announced by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. These fakes constantly repeated Russian and, unfortunately, the Ukrainian media. Now seeing a new stage in this offensive, using the UN,” he wrote.

“Moscow imposes the view that Ukraine is a political project, which was unsuccessful, and they need to correct this historical mistake. This is a strategic goal of the Kremlin,” — said Teteruk. He also demanded that the Verkhovna Rada, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the permanent representative of the country at the UN and the Ministry of information policy response to this “anti-Ukrainian informational strike”. “I draw your attention to the fact that the Kremlin to information attacks attracted such reputable offices of the UN and UNESCO”, — said the MP.