Ukrainian military dolphins have preferred death to “Russian occupation”

Ukrainian military dolphins that remained in Crimea after its joining Russia, did not accept the new power and died. On this edition of “the observer” said permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Boris Babin.

According to him, trained dolphins the Ukrainian Navy based in Sevastopol in contact with their Ukrainian trainers with the help of special signals whistle. Russian military received these whistles, like all the rest of the equipment, but trained animals refused to interact with them. In the end, the dolphins stopped taking food and after some time died.

“it is Very sad that many Ukrainian military, who in 2014 were stationed in Crimea, treated the question of the oath of allegiance banner is much worse than these dolphins,” said the permanent representative of the President of Ukraine.

In the world there are only two centers of combat training dolphins in San Diego (USA) and Sevastopol. In the Crimea, marine animals for the Navy began to prepare since 1973. They were used for combat swimmers, demolition ships, searching for weapons. After the collapse of the USSR and division of the black sea fleet, Ukraine has started to use Dolphin mainly for peaceful purposes. For example, for the treatment and rehabilitation of children and persons with disabilities.