Ukrainian MP got himself a slave

In the Donetsk region of Ukraine, the Deputy of the local village Council made a slave to his employee. About it reports TV channel “ТV7 Mariupol”.

It happened in the village of Pokrovskoe, near Mariupol. MP Ivan Komarov was furious after learning that 32-year-old man, an employee of the service station, do not want to paint another car and then beat him and tied a chain.

“the legs really hurt slapped… He dragged me, tied my hands behind my back, made me gag… when I woke up, I tied his feet so I could not move,” — said the victim.

the moans of the men from the garage heard a local resident who called the police. Police found the man with the associated chain arms and legs and taped mouth. He was in a state of extreme intoxication.