Ukrainian nationalists have decided on the Crimean bridge to wish Russia death

the Ukrainian nationalists are ready to share the bridge across the Kerch Strait. This “observer” said the head of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN, the organization banned in Russia) Nicholas Kochanowski.

In his words, “Volunteerism OUN” ready to place on the bridge banner. “It may well be that the Golden gate bridge will be a poster, for example, with the inscription “Death to Russia” or “Crimea — Ukraine””, — he said. According to Kochanowski, “”Death to Russia” — this is the most relevant for today slogan.”

“It is a satanic education — Russia — should disappear. Instead, there should be several individual countries — for example, Tatarstan, Bashkiria, the Republic of Siberia, the Ural Republic. And Russia — like a cancer”, he said.

“I don’t want to announce all of our plans, but I want to say: stop, we will not. It may be different measures. In enemy territory, in one of the temporarily occupied Crimea, we will fight with the Muscovites until they will not go there”, — said the nationalist.

Commenting on the inspection of Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait, launched by Russian border guards, he said: “If Muscovites so afraid, be very afraid. I think it’s good.”

the state border service of Ukraine said about tough policy of the Russian border guards to detain and search civilian vessels on Ukraine, may 3. The Ministry said that since April 30, representatives of Russian border guards every day to stop non-military ships bound for Mariupol sea port, for the purpose of inspection and identification of the members of their teams.