Ukrainians are asked not to get upset because of the opening of the Crimean bridge

Deputy Verkhovna Rada Anton Gerashchenko he urged his compatriots not to be upset in connection with the launch of traffic on the bridge across the Kerch Strait. My message to the Ukrainians, he published in Facebook on Tuesday, may 15.

“Today, many Ukrainians received the next portion of the negative, knowing that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has opened a bridge across the Kerch Strait,” — wrote the Deputy.

“don’t worry. After the German Empire in 1871 annexed to France vast and rich regions of Alsace and Lorraine, the Germans, too many things had built there. However, 47 years later, in 1918, after the defeat in the First world war following the German revolution [of 1918], all had to return (France lost a significant part of Lorraine and Alsace almost the whole of Germany according to the results of the Franco-Prussian war, started by French Emperor Napoleon III in the desire to prevent the unification of the German States. After the First world war, the regions were returned to Paris, but in 1940, the Alsace and Lorraine came under the control of the Third Reich. After the Second World war, the regions were returned to France — ed. “the”)”, — Gerashchenko added.

the MP acknowledged that the “return” of Crimea and Sevastopol Ukraine — “it’s not a year and maybe more than one decade”.

“But stolen from Ukraine will still have to return! The course of history is irreversible. Tyrants will be overthrown, and they built the Empire will turn to dust”, — said Gerashchenko.

In comments to the edition “Gordon” Gerashchenko added that Russia will be forced to return Crimea to Ukraine. “When a decision is made on the return to Ukraine of the Crimea, I think that this bridge will be used together. As the object of engineering infrastructure it can be useful for the development of our country,” he said.

Optimism was not shared by Gerashchenko, Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov. “I am confident that this so-called bridge won’t last long and will collapse due to natural conditions that do not allow you to build such objects in the location”, — he wrote in his Facebook.

Also Zhdanov sure Russia after the return of Crimea to Ukraine will have to pay Kiev a large compensation. “It will have to fully pay for the enormous damage that this illegal and barbaric construction caused the ecology of the Black and Azov seas. We are talking at least tens of billions of hryvnia,” — he said.

Earlier on Tuesday the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait evidence of the “contempt for international law” from Russia. The Ukrainian leader added that “the bridge will definitely need invaders when they will urgently leave our Crimea.”

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European integration issues Elena zerkal said that the bridge across the Kerch Strait “will not be able to resist”, as it is built on “injustice, aggression and criminal acts”. “Kerch bridge leads from the occupant country to the occupied Ukrainian territory. None of the advertising image does not change the fact of illegal occupation of the Peninsula,” she said.