“We did the last step”

Armenia seem to have achieved its goal: Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned his post, and the street can celebrate a victory. On the streets of Yerevan the resignation of aspiring to the dictatorship, the policy was greeted as a feast and the children, and the elderly. But it’s not over the whole “old guard” of former Prime Minister and apparently not going to give up. Reporter “the Tape.ru” in Yerevan watched the revolutionary lives of Armenia.

for 13 days in Yerevan and in almost all major cities in all regions of Armenia is gaining strength the revolutionary movement “Take a step”. And if the opponents of the authorities in other countries often want to seek its overthrow by violence, the Armenian demonstrators impeccable — they are fighting against the ruling regime by exclusively peace methods. Active citizens block streets, blowing in the deafening vuvuzelas, the noisy autosignal, and later in the evening beat spoons on pots. All of this blends into a Symphony of revolutionary Armenia.

“Power at full speed flew to the dictatorship. We wanted to avoid that. In a peaceful way,” the 27-year-old Armen Markosyan, one of hundreds of thousands of people who APR 17, joined the call of the author of the initiative “step”, the head of the parliamentary faction of the bloc “EFC” Nikol Pashinian. He called people to change the government through a “velvet revolution”, and 13 days, in his own words, on the streets of Yerevan “made their bright future”.

Armen fought with the ruling Republican party with the student years and after many failures at first did not believe the proposed Pashinyan program. “We believed that in the country nothing is impossible to change, and change was needed very much, — he told “Lente.ru”. — Each time did not succeed, young people in General lost faith in everything. To power was elected by the people, and then another, and solved his problems seemed impossible. People simply become a sad, desperate, mired in worries. In Yerevan it is difficult to meet smiling people.”

the writer said, that Nichol proved that even in such conditions it is possible to achieve change — you have to believe and keep the unity. “Now standing on the Republic square, we made the last step. The last step for this government,” said Armen, saying that the next target of the protesters — the resignation of the acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

Armen came to the area with friends, colleagues, relatives and friends. 45-year-old Liana Mkrtchyan, who works in the media sphere of Armenia, says that followed initiated Pashinyan struggle since the day he began the March from Gyumri, after having walked the whole of Armenia: “Why are we here? The reasons are many, the most simple — Sargsyan promised to be the head of the Republic of Armenia, but did not keep his word. But he’s not the only problem, we go against the entire ruling elite, we want change. Yes, we vote in the elections, but nothing changes — every time fraud, bribery, all the same results, the same faces in leadership positions, the same policy based on lies and robbery”.

“y-y-y-y-y!” — a crowd of protesters loudly welcomed their idols chest shout and clap their hands (this technique, of course, they spied on supporters of the Icelandic national team). They listen to the dramatic performances of members of the initiatives “taking a step” and “Down with Serge!” and from time to time chanting slogans “Nicole Prime, Nicole Prime Minister!”, “Be-da!”. Almost all are confident that the victory achieved. Sure and Arevik, came to Armenia from Germany to take part in the revolution and to celebrate the triumph. She was barely holding back tears.

“Two days ago, I came to Armenia and do not regret it, although my parents were against it — thought that there will be violence. But look what is happening: I could not participate in this revolution of love! We managed to change the attitude of police officers love. We told the police that they are our own, not the authorities and the people, that they should serve us and protect the citizens of Armenia, but not the power. I am very touched by this,” says the girl. Parents of Arevik in the years of the Karabakh war left Armenia, but cherished the hope that he would return home. The last 20 years, given the problems in Karabakh, economic and political difficulties, this issue was not even raised. But Arevik decided that he could not follow the national awakening of Armenians from afar.

Now she intends to wait until the bitter end and to return home to Germany. “I received a good education, there I have a good job. Of course, I wish my education was the home. Hopefully after this revolution to settle here. Let’s see how it goes. These are the same dreams all our compatriots from the Diaspora” — with hope in her voice says Arevik.

Arevik is not the sole representative of the Diaspora. Several Armenians arrived in Yerevan from abroad, even managed to speak at a makeshift podium erected on the Republic square. The center of the capital had not seen such crowds — I wish there were apples, they would literally had no place to fall. Here are the drivers, doctors, teachers, makers, programmers, journalists, thousands of students, schoolchildren, singers, actors, and ordinary citizens concerned about the fate of their country.

65-year-old grandfather Ararat — the taxi driver, he joined the fight five days ago: “to Me, or to sit at home, or on the street to go to work does not work”. Ararat — the head of a large family, lives with son’s family: “I only Work and son, earning enough for basic needs. Why should it be so? I’m here for my grandchildren, I want them to have a good future in a good country, so as not to suffer they way we do. I never thought to join this. Someone to join, if you already don’t trust anyone? Neither Ter-Petrossian nor Sargsyan, neither Hovannisian nor Pashinyan. They are all deceived. Encouraging to me standing youth — that they will force Pashinian and others to make changes,” said the pensioner.

square of the Republic there came to the rally with their families. 32-year-old Armine here, along with her husband and two children: she is not afraid that the police will disperse protesters by force and mutilate children. She participates in all protest rallies in Armenia since 2008, and this time the call in addition to joined from the first day. “I want to live in dignity, want to feel human, to be protected by the law, want governing the country had a high degree of responsibility that people do not get a job through connections, so we’ve seen the future in my country to know: if you plant a tree, tomorrow it will begin to bear fruit,” pointedly speaks it.

Continuing in Armenia for 13 days people’s movement left in memory of the society and a lot of funny episodes — for example, the frame: police Ashot behind barbed wire, and facing it on the other side of his father, grandmother and neighbor. One Yerevan resident, for example, live told his wife about the hour of his return home, and a few days later tell her you love her already from the podium. Republic square, the heroes are many, but all of them — and the young Armen, and Arevik from the Diaspora and the grandfather of Ararat, and oppositionist Armine have one thing in common: hope for a good and prosperous life in Armenia.

From the point of view of all of our heroes and leaders from the podium, the victory is not far off Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan has left, but his supporters remain in their seats. Gathered at the Republic square, thousands of people will continue peaceful disobedience to the victory, blocking traffic on the highways, streets, bridges, internal roads, surrounding government buildings. They will do it peacefully and lovingly, raising his unarmed hands up as a sign of peace.